Premier League clubs seeking changes to League Cup, FA Cup

Premier League clubs seeking changes to League Cup, FA Cup

EPL changes League Cup

On Wednesday, Premier League clubs will discuss intended changes to both the League Cup and FA Cup.

The Premier League shareholders’ meeting aims to tackle the congestion in the calendar for Premier League teams. This is particularly true for those in European competition. Furthermore, in 2022, there are increased games with the World Cup taking away over a month of time in November and December.

The remedy for dealing with the congestion of games is getting rid of replays, among other concepts.

Meanwhile, the Premier League clubs do not want to entirely scrap the League Cup, also known as the Carabao Cup. Yet, they do understand the strain it puts on teams, as does the FA Cup.

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Consequently, there are potential changes at stake, in addition to the cancellation of replays.

Possible Premier League changes to League Cup and FA Cup

The aforementioned changes would start in 2024/25, with the calendar already laid out before then. Also, the proposed remedies would also stop replays in the FA Cup third and fourth rounds. At that point in the year, Premier League clubs are often in European competition and the League Cup, adding more games to the schedule.

On the topic of clubs in European competition, part of the proposal is that clubs involved in European competition would have two options for the League Cup. These clubs can either play U21 sides in the League Cup, or they can not play in the tournament at all. Compare this to Liverpool, which fielded a U21 side while the main squad competed in the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup.

The report in The Times newspaper also mentions that an increased number of Champions League games starting in 2024 makes the challenge more difficult.

It is likely that the Premier League clubs do not come to any kind of decision on Wednesday. There is still much in the air. Plus, the clubs also need to discuss how to increase the sharing of profits with clubs in the lower levels, something where the government does come into play.

This meeting is more to establish the overall sense of where Premier League clubs stand on a variety of issues.

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