Mexico’s Raúl Jiménez stars in Telemundo’s World Cup ad

Mexico’s Raúl Jiménez stars in Telemundo’s World Cup ad

Telemundo's World Cup ad

Telemundo Deportes have hired Mexico’s Raul Jimenez to star in a new ad to promote its World Cup coverage.

As the exclusive Spanish-language broadcaster of this winter’s World Cup 2022 tournament, Telemundo’s new marketing promo is entitled The Game We Love. Mexico‘s star striker Raúl Jiménez is the face of Telemundo’s campaign. In short, the Wolverhampton Wanderers forward features prominently in the advertisement that Telemundo says “celebrate(s) the community’s passion for fútbol and promote(s) the network’s exclusive Spanish-language coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.”

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More details about Telemundo’s World Cup ad

The Game We Love features more than 400 extras in a video that was shot over a period of two months. The last shoot took place in the United Kingdom.

Other scenes from Telemundo’s World Cup ad were filmed at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay. Plus Peñarol’s Estadio Champion Del Siglo is the best of the best.

“We are thrilled to release The Game We Lovea very ambitious project which features a major soccer star such as Raúl Jiménez — someone who is relevant to our audiences and further highlights our shared passion for the sport as well as the authenticity of the network’s coverage,” said Claudia Chagui, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Creative at Telemundo.

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“The strategic intent of Telemundo’s campaign is to connect with the Latino community by recognizing that fútbol is an integral part of our identity and history, and this is something we understand because we feel it too – that’s why the most authentic and exciting coverage can only be found on Telemundo. The goal is to fuel fandom through initiatives that tap into national pride, culture and our love of the game.”

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Telemundo’s coverage plans

With less than 60 days to go before the World Cup begins, the excitement is building for the competition. Telemundo is prepared to deliver the most ambitious coverage in Spanish-language history with all 64 matches live, including all four games on Thanksgiving Day. Peacock will stream all the Spanish-language World Cup matches live, and will feature pre-game and post-game coverage, as well as special programming with extended interviews and highlights.

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