Argentina government steps in to ease World Cup sticker crisis

Argentina government steps in to ease World Cup sticker crisis

Argentina World Cup sticker

Argentina’s government is stepping in to help ease public concern over a World Cup sticker shortage throughout the country. With the soccer tournament is just two months away, scarcity of the stickers could not come at a worse time.

Collecting World Cup stickers is a longstanding tradition. Panini, the manufacturer of these stickers, launched in the early 1960s. Within the first year, the company sold millions of sticker packs within the first year. The Italian company initially began producing World Cup stickers for the 1970 tournament in Mexico.

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More recently, Panini was making around eight to 10 million packs of stickers per day ahead of the 2018 World Cup. Now, the company claims that demand for these items increased by 40% compared to the previous tournament.

Argentina World Cup sticker shortage

Argentine publication La Nacion reports that Panini can’t handle the massive request. This incredible pressure on the Italian company far exceeds their capabilities in production. Despite this, kiosk unions, the people that sell these stickers in Argentina, demand Panini to provide enough of the product.

The report also suggests that completing an entire sticker album would cost about $923. These kiosk stands typically sell packs of stickers for cheaper than online retailers. At the stands, packs usually go for about $1 each, while companies on websites sell larger 10-packs for a higher price.

Argentina’s government is intervening as somewhat of a mediator between manufacturer and stores. Their trade department announced the move on their official Twitter account. “We have opened a dialogue and engaged our legal and technical staffers to collaborate so we can find solutions,” read the statement.

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For the time being, collectors are left disappointed. “It’s frustrating not being able to find any,” said father of three Exequiel Claverie. “I arrive home every day to (my children) saying: ‘Hey dad, did you buy stickers?’ There are none!”

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