Teacher builds mansion for his wife in three years as an expression of his love
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Teacher builds mansion for his wife in three years as an expression of his love

A wealthy Indian teacher, Anand Prakash Chouksey, has built an exact copy of the popular Taj Mahal for his wife, Manju Shah.

According to the man, he spent three years building the house which he says is a representation of his love for his wife.

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The mansion which is made of marble flooring covers 10,000sq ft and it looks exactly like the 17th-century Taj building, and has a dome.

Though it is not as big as the building it was modelled after, it’s dome is 29ft high with large towers and it has four bedrooms, a library, and a hall.

Anand who did not disclose how much it cost him to build the house, said that he wanted it to be the talk of the town and different from many others out there, Indian Today.

The couple who have two children in their 20s was only able to move into it earlier this year. Since they moved in, tourists have been swarming around the house to take pictures.

Young couples also visit the beautiful edifice to do their pre-wedding photoshoots.

The original Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh was built by Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, as a tomb for his wife who died in childbirth. The building sits on a 42-acre land amid other historic buildings.

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