My wife cheated on me despite the fact that I give her N500k monthly, bought cars in her name

My wife cheated on me despite the fact that I give her N500k monthly, bought cars in her name

A Nigerian man has sought advice from social media users on how he should handle a case of infidelity on the part of his wife.

He said she cheated on him while he travelled for a business, despite receiving monthly salary of N500k from him added to many other things he bought for her.

The heartbroken husband further said after confronting her to know the reason why she cheated on him, she said that it because he is always busy with his business and he travels all the time.

Read his story; ”Pls, is there justification for cheating? Like is there a room for forgiveness? am no saint yeah. I cheated when we were dating but I never cheated as a married man. My wife I love so much, She cheated on me. I asked her why? And she says it’s because I’m too busy.

Yes I’m a business man who travels a lot to look for money for my family so that they can be comfortable and enjoy the good things of life. I hustle so that she will enjoy with my children. I have 5 luxury cars. 3 in her name and 2 in my name. She’s the one driving all cos I’m not always around.

This woman invited another man to my house and he fucked him in my visitor’s room. I cry as I type. Instead of her to be sorry and remorse, she started blaming me that I’m never there, I always leave her ho. yy and wanting.

I am going to forgive her but she will never see my one naira again till I die. She doesn’t work, I pay her monthly allowance of #500,000 for sitting at home and taking care of my kids but never again, I still add 3500k monthly for bills and feeding. School fees not included. I pay also for her shopping and holidays. Not anymore. I told her to go and look for a job so that she will be as busy as I am making ends meet. I will buy foodstuffs myself and keep at home. If she needs money for her maintenance, she should work for it. I hope II made the right decision and I pray to get over this soon cos I can’t sleep.”

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