Red Velvet’s Album Packaging Reveal Is Going Viral For Its Creativity

Red Velvet’s Album Packaging Reveal Is Going Viral For Its Creativity

Fans are stunned by the reveal of the album packaging!

Red Velvet is preparing for a comeback on the 28th of November called The Reve Festival 2022 – Birthday and fans couldn’t be more excited about the continuation of the Reve Festival series! Fans are even more excited about the album packaging reveal, though, as Red Velvet is well-known for their intricate and stunning album designs!

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In the past, their album designs have been centered around food concepts, such as the Summer Magic album featuring milkshakes, and their Perfect Velvet album resembling a pizza box.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

Their previous albums are incredibly distinct and Red Velvet is often considered to have the most creative album designs by K-Pop fans! So, when the album details were released, fans were not disappointed in the least!

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| @RVsmtown/Twitter

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

The Reve Festival 2022 – Birthday album fittingly resembles a birthday cake! There are five versions of this album, one for each member. Fans on social media are impressed by yet another amazing album design choice from Red Velvet.

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