7 Reasons Why BTS Just Isn’t BTS Without Jin

7 Reasons Why BTS Just Isn’t BTS Without Jin

From trainee life to superstardom, BTS‘s JinSugaJ-HopeRMJiminV, and Jungkook have been together through thick and thin.

Top row: Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope, and V. Bottom row: RM and Jin.

Fans can’t imagine the constellation of BTS without all seven of its stars, and neither can the members. “It doesn’t feel right unless it’s all seven of us standing in our formation,” RM said in an ARMY membership kit video clip.

Well, I feel this way all the time in my daily life. Like when we take pictures and we don’t have everyone there, it feels empty… I feel like a part is missing. It doesn’t feel right unless it’s all seven of us standing in our formation, you know? I think I have the seven syndrome, pretty much.

— RM

Jin, BTS’s oldest member, will soon enlist in the military, but he will always be with the group (and ARMY) in spirit. Here are 7 reasons why BTS just isn’t BTS without him.

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1. He’s the older brother they need.

To pursue their dreams, BTS’s members moved away from home at a young age. Jin went from being the youngest in his family to the oldest in his group, taking on the role of everyone’s older brother.


To this day, Jin looks after his younger “siblings” like a real guardian would, bringing stability, joy, and plenty of laughter to their lives.


2. He’s the ultimate icebreaker

Whether it’s an interview, a national television appearance, or a live broadcast, nobody breaks the ice quite like Jin. Despite being BTS’s shyest member, Jin goes out of his way to make everyone comfortable by, well…

…just being himself!

3. He can change the mood in the blink of an eye.

As someone with high social intelligence and a flair for the dramatic, Jin can smoothly turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. Things got awkward when an award show emcee asked Jin and V to smooch, but Jin turned the whole situation around!

4. He makes the people around him feel safe and appreciated.

For instance, when V fell on the red carpet, Jin knelt down too. See? Falling down is nothing to feel embarrassed about!

5. His voice is irreplaceable

Each member brings a unique vocal color to the rainbow that is BTS’s music.

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Their songs just wouldn’t be the same without Jin’s powerful and versatile voice.

6. He brings his positive attitude with him wherever he goes.

Oftentimes, our moods and attitude are affected by the people around us. Jin has been candid about his struggles, but he strives to show his bright side. He’s all about positive thinking.

7. He’s a true, lifelong friend

Over the course of his career, this social butterfly has forged long-lasting friendships with his members…

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…and a host of celebrity friends. Those close to Jin often praise his generosity and sincerity. He’s the kind of companion we all need!

Chef Lee Yeon Bok and Jin | @fuxtom/Instagram

Thank you for coming over as soon as your quarantine ended Seokjinnie.

— Chef Lee Yeon Bok 



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