4th Gen Female Idol Transforms Into A Living Doll At The “2022 Asia Artist Awards”

4th Gen Female Idol Transforms Into A Living Doll At The “2022 Asia Artist Awards”

Her visuals are unreal! 😍

Just days after her viral stunning airport look in Burberry, NewJeansDanielle just stepped out in a completely new style — and it might be her best one yet!

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NewJeans’ Danielle | Dispatch

At the “2022 Asia Artist Awards,” Danielle completely transformed from a chic goddess to a beautiful fairy!

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Along with her new blunt bangs, her makeup and styling on the red carpet suited her perfectly.

Her long eyelashes, big eyes, and dainty features instantly reminded netizens of a French doll, earning her praise for her beauty.

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  • “She’s too pretty with her bangs down”
  • “Wow her hair, makeup and coordi fit her perfectly”
  • “She looks like a French doll..”
  • “Seriously, I thought she was a doll. Her proportions are no joke either”
  • “Danielle seriously has the most doll-like features out of all the idols I’ve seen so far..”
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With her versatility, Danielle can pull off all types of styles from trendy girl to sweet doll and everything in between!

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On stage, she kept the hairstyle and had a more charismatic edge with her stage look.

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Danielle’s visuals are unmatched!

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