Why the Inclusion of Parents Makes Family Karma A Better Show

Why the Inclusion of Parents Makes Family Karma A Better Show

With Bravo’s Family Karma season 3 premiering, the kids are alright, but it is the parents that steal the show, laughs, and hearts from viewers.

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One of Bravo’s newer shows, Family Karma, shies away from the typical shows that lovers of the channel are accustomed to, and the parents have become stars. It focuses more on a family element rather than the drama and wealth of the other shows. Now in its third season, the show focuses on Vishal Parvani, Amrit Kapai, Anisha Ramakrishna, Bali Chainani, Brian Benni, Rish Karam, Shaan Patel, and Monica Vaswani, a group of Indian friends living in Miami. The tight-knit group introduces viewers to their families as they maintain the balance between traditional cultural values and a Western way of life.


Some fans of Family Karma, however, would argue that the real stars of the show are the cast’s parents as they are heavily integrated into the series. They have roles of their own, and sometimes have jucier drama. The parents’ mindsets on Family Karma are more traditional, but they have also come to terms with their children’s ways of thinking. They have learned to adapt to a more diverse community, while still keeping up with their family values. The inclusion of parents on Family Karma makes it better than other Bravo shows, where families are not always the main focus.

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The Parents Are At the Heart of Family Karma

The inclusion of Family Karma in the Bravo lineup is actually quite important to the Indian community because it is such an underrepresented culture in Hollywood and pop culture in general. The parents of the show instill traditional Indian values within their children, which in turn teaches Family Karma viewers about their culture and can aid in a deeper understanding of it. At the same time, the parents are also understanding of the fact that their children grew up in a diverse Western community, and they have that state of mind as well. They are not afraid that Vishal, Anisha, Amrit, Monica, Brian, and Bali will distance themselves from their culture, as they too have the same ways of thinking when it comes to relationships, work, and starting families. Bali herself is the eldest of the group, and often goes back and forth between hanging out with the mothers and with the younger cast.

The Family Karma Cast And Their Parents Show Perfect Representation

On Family Karma, bonds between the parents and their children are undeniably obvious as they are often seen doing confessionals together, going to events, and often living together. For example, Anisha and her mom Chitra Ramakrishna are very close in the ways they discuss Chitra’s love life, as well as how they banter and joke around with each other. Vishal and his mother Reshma Parvani are very close as well. However, there tends to be ongoing drama between her and Vishal’s fiancé’s mother, Lopa Aunty as the two can never seem to find common ground. Monica admitted to her father Raj Vaswani that she is still upset about the divorce between him and her mother, as he admits that he feels terribly guilty about ruining things for her because of it. Brian and his mother Dharma Benni are like every typical mother and son in the United States, as she tends to be overbearing sometimes. She only wants the best for him, and the two have funny banter back and forth.

Like most families, the relationships between the Family Karma parents and their offspring is one of love, compassion, and closeness. The tight-knit Indian community that is being represented weekly is so important, and it is why the addition of the parents makes the show that much better. They add value, humor, and tradition to the series that is not so often seen on Bravo shows or in pop culture in general. The family is always at the heart of this show.

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Family Karma airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.


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