Why Lace Morris Is The Best Thing About Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

Why Lace Morris Is The Best Thing About Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

It’s a widely accepted notion that Bachelor in Paradise is the most lighthearted of all The Bachelor franchise’s shows, and it’s mostly due to cast members like Lace Morris. She is a Bachelor Nation veteran, and her chaotic, cringe-inducing stints on three installments of the franchise have been the most entertaining elements of those seasons. Bachelor in Paradise season 8 is no exception, as she is shaping up to be the series’ most memorable star.


Lace is back on the beach, ready to search for love, while creating so much awkward drama. She’s coming for any man who doesn’t give her the right kind of vibe. Lace recently opened up about returning to the show, six years after ending an engagement, as per Bachelor Nation. Fans first met Lace in The Bachelor season 20, when she left Ben Higgins after three weeks. She appeared on season 3, where she got engaged to Grant Kemp, and is now back for Bachelor in Paradise season 8. She is creating some of the best moments in Bachelor in Paradise history.

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Lace Morris Understands The Bachelor In Paradise Assignment

Lace is the poster child for the more relaxed Bachelor in Paradise vibe, with regard to castmates’ “journeys to love,” which are taken a little less seriously than they are on the OG series, The Bachelor. With her over-the-top reactions, desperate desire to be wanted, and penchant for being in the middle of all the hot gossip, she is franchise royalty. She’s also flouting the Bachelor in Paradise drinking rule, She got off to a bit of a slow start, however, and wound up spending most of the first week toggling between throwing tantrums and pouting in her bunk bed. Lace eventually found her stride with the special occasion bit she pulled off, pretending it was her birthday, and receiving treats and attention. She totally committed to the prank, roping Wells Adams in too, and wound up being the center of attention, just like she wanted.

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Is Lace Morris Bachelor Nation’s Most Appealing Star?

She maintained her status as a reality TV icon in the scene where Logan sang “Happy Birthday” to her. He successfully avoided saying her name in the song, but when he called her “Luce,” her reaction was so out of proportion that viewers couldn’t help but laugh with her, and at Logan. Scenes like this are the reason why she has the fifth-largest Instagram following among Bachelor in Paradise stars. It’s also why “Tarzan” (Jacob Rapini) called her “stunning and iconic.” As well, she’s consistently been in the mix during every significant moment on the beach, and was the lead investigator when it came to the mystery of Salley Carson’s suitcase, and its dubious contents.

If it seems like Bachelor in Paradise is making a punchline out of Lace, viewers shouldn’t worry, as she’s definitely in on the joke. She is no amateur when it comes to finding love in this setting, and she is playing the long game. It may seem like she crumbles immediately, but she always has her eye on the prize, which is an engagement. Lace wasn’t initially coupled up with anyone, and her future on the beach was unclear. Then, she suffered through the most inane conversation with Jacob, about, “the strip club in Tijuana,” cementing her rose for the week. Jacob was hated by the men in his season, for various reasons, but Lace leveraged him effectively.

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One of the best things about Bachelor in Paradise is the fact that there is a new castmate coming down the stairs every week, so Lace has plenty of opportunities to finally get the proposal she really wants. She has a strong presence on the show, as she is representing all the veterans out there, despite some newbies not knowing who she was at first. Her fellow cast members definitely won’t forget her now.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC

Source: Bachelor Nation

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