Where to Watch Le Pupille

Where to Watch Le Pupille

Is it possible to have your cake and eat it, too? Discover where to watch the endearing Christmas tale Le Pupille.

Find out where to watch Alice Rohrwache’s Le Pupille, an endearing live-action short exploring the lives of several schoolgirls at Christmastime.

Christmas is a time of indulgence for many of us, but also one of giving and generosity, and it is just this contradiction that Le Pupille explores in the form of 17 little girls in a strict boarding school deciding just what to do with their coveted slice of cake…

This interesting film will be available to watch soon on Disney+.


Watch Le Pupille on Disney+

What Is Le Pupille About?

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Le Pupille is set in an Italian Catholic boarding school during a time of war and scarcity. As 17 of the girls there prepare for their annual nativity play, the school is gifted with an “English Pie”; the most indulgent dessert the girls have ever laid their eyes upon. When the time comes to finally have a slice, one of the nuns presents the girls with a most difficult choice: she proposes they each sacrifice their slice of cake and offer it, instead, as a pledge to Jesus. Torn between wanting to do the godly thing and being tempted by such a mouth-watering cake, the mischievous students get into scrapes of all sorts. La Pupille explores the dichotomy of greed and innocence with humor in this heart-warming wartime tale, suitable for all the family to enjoy over the festive season.

Who Worked on Le Pupille?

Le Pupille has been written and directed by Alice Rohrwache, an Italian- German filmmaker whose 2011 work ‘Heavenly Body’ won her the Nastro d’Argento award for best director and in 2018, ‘Happy as Lazzaro’ won best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival. One of the most exciting members of the creative team for Le Pupille is Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuarón signing on as the producer. Cuarón’s work spans the length and breadth of film genres ranging from sci-fi thriller ‘Gravity’ to poignant social commentary in ‘Roma’, and now he is turning his hand to create a future Christmas classic.

With such an accomplished creative team behind the scenes, it is no wonder that Le Pupille has done so well on the film circuit this year. Most notably, the charming short was part of the official selections for the Tornonto International Film Festival, the Cannes Classics, and the Telluride Film Festival.

Where to Watch Le Pupille

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While the run time and rating of this short film have yet to be released, Le Pupille will be available to watch on December 16, exclusively on Disney+.

Watch Le Pupille on Disney+


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