Where to watch If These Walls Could Sing

Where to watch If These Walls Could Sing

Find out where to watch If These Walls Could Sing, a nostalgic documentary about legendary recording studio Abbey Road.

Discover where to watch If These Walls Could Sing, the highly anticipated documentary from Mary McCartney about the legendary recording studio Abbey Road.

For close to a century, Abbey Road has been the beating heart of the music industry, attracting the greats from every genre of music as well as composers for the big screen. Thousands of tourists will flock to the center of London every year to recreate the iconic Beatles’ album cover walking on the zebra crossing. The name ‘Abbey Road’ is synonymous worldwide with world-class musicians. But what is it about this particular studio that has created such a reputation, that has captured the imagination of artists and listeners alike as no other?


You can watch the doc soon nowhere other than Disney+ and see for yourself.

Watch If These Walls Could Sing on Disney+

What’s So Special About Abbey Road?

Any recording artist who reaches a certain level of fame will one day do a recording at Abbey Road; it is arguably the rite of passage from mere stardom to legend. One of the reasons for this glittering reputation is the back catalog of artists that have cut their teeth there, perhaps most famously, The Beatles. Since their Abbey Road album put the studio on the map of public consciousness, artists from all over the world have aspired to record there.

Originally built as a Georgian townhouse, the property was purchased in 1929 by the Grammar Phone Company and three custom studios were built. Initially, a hub for recording classical music, once Cliff Richard and The Drifters recorded there in 1958, Abbey Road quickly became a center for rock and roll, for which the studio became legendary—featuring interviews with Paul McCartney, Nile Rodgers of Chic, Pink Floyd, and many more.

If These Walls Could Sing takes a deep dive into the inner world of classic rock and tracks their evolution into recording some of the most influential cinematic scores of all time, such as the soundtrack for George Lucas’ Star Wars, the boundary-pushing Philadelphia, and the cult classic Interview with a Vampire, to name but a few.

Where to watch If These Walls Could Sing


If These Walls Could Sing is directed by Mary McCartney, daughter of the music icon and former Beatle Paul McCartney, and is a Mercury and Ventureland production. The piece will feature a range of brand-new interviews, archival footage, and a killer soundtrack.

If These Walls Could Sing will be available to stream on December 16 on Disney+.

Watch If These Walls Could Sing on Disney+


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