Where to Watch Hunters (Season 2)

Where to Watch Hunters (Season 2)

Here’s where to Season 2 of Hunters, the conspiracy thriller drama and what streaming service it can be found on.

Season 1 of Hunters initially premiered in February 2020 and fans will be excited that the second and final season is set to be released early into the new year. Created by David Weil (Solos, The Twilight Zone), Hunters is based on a surprising band of Nazi hunters who have discovered that there are escaped Nazi officers with the intention of establishing a Fourth Reich in the United States. The series features some famous, familiar faces such as Al Pacino and Carol Kane as well as How I Met Your Mother Star, Josh Radnor.


Season 2 of Hunters will be available soon on Amazon Prime.

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Watch Hunters (Season 2) on Amazon Prime Video

Where Did David Weil Get The Inspiration for Hunters?

Creator David Weil has spoken rather extensively about the inspiration for Hunters, noting that personal experiences helped inspire the overarching premise of good versus evil. The initial seed was planted by his grandmother, Sarah, who herself was a survivor of the Holocaust, and the stories that she had told David.

Themes of hope, courage, and survival from his Grandmother’s stories and the superhero comic books he was reading as a child would all eventually inspire Hunters. Weil has also mentioned the “lack of Jewish superheroes” as an impetus for creating the series, wanting to create a show that would be a shining light for those who have suffered at the hands of anti-Semitism.

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For Weil, the show is about ‘catharsis’ and Jewish empowerment and a lifeline to Jewish kids, like himself wanting to reclaim power.

Season 2 sees the band get back together as they discover Adolf Hitler is still alive and very much active in planning the ascension of the Fourth Reich in the United States. The Dictator is played by Udo Kier and Al Pacino also returns in his role as Meyer Offerman, otherwise known as ‘The Wolf.’ The show will feature a split storyline and will follow how Pacino’s character originally formed the group.

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Where to Watch Hunters (Season 2)

Hunters season 1 al pacino

Like Season 1, you can catch the new season of Hunters on Amazon Prime. The final season is set to be eight episodes long with the first episode to be released on January 13th. Although there has been no information released, the episodes are likely going to have an hour-long run time, with perhaps the last episode being a little longer as events are concluded. Amazon also hasn’t confirmed whether they are releasing the series in its entirety or if it shall be on an episode-by-episode basis.

Watch Hunters (Season 2) on Amazon Prime Video


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