Where Derek & Claire Rank Among Winning Amazing Race Teams

Where Derek & Claire Rank Among Winning Amazing Race Teams

Big Brother alums Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss emerged victorious on The Amazing Race, but how do they rank among their fellow Race victors?

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The curtains have closed on The Amazing Race 34, which saw Big Brother alums Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss win the million-dollar prize. Derek and Claire met as houseguests on Big Brother 23 in 2021 and became fan favorites due to their immense likability and charisma on the season. They were platonic allies during the season but ultimately kindled a romantic relationship in the Jury House following their evictions.

Claire and Derek, who also competed on The Challenge USA on CBS earlier in 2022, entered The Amazing Race 34 as one of two teams with some degree of celebrity coming into the show, along with the team of former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his friend Tim Mann. Ultimately, the reality vets Derek and Claire were able to pull off the win in a tense Nashville finale. They were the first team to arrive at the Finish Line at the legendary Ryman Auditorium, besting fellow finalist teams Molly Sinert & Emily Bushnell and Luis Colon & Michelle Burgos.


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Ranking Derek Xiao & Claire Rehfuss As Amazing Race Winners

Derek and Claire didn’t run an elite race, but they could definitely be considered among the top half of winning Amazing Race teams. They finished in first place in the first leg of the race but quickly found themselves in the back of the pack due to their difficulties in completing Roadblocks. The most notable of these issues was when Claire struggled mightily to complete an Alpine yodeling Roadblock in Austria, which caused immense frustration for the team and saw them drop precipitously from their previous first place finish. They had a few more Roadblock difficulties along the way, but they eventually found their footing and finished first in four of the last five legs. Derek and Claire proved to be strong communicators and had very little interpersonal conflict with other teams or each other, save for a few minor spats during moments of frustration. They were clearly one of the most competent teams in the Race and very handily defeated their competition in the final leg.

Derek & Claire Brought Energy And Fun To The Amazing Race 34

Derek and Claire Amazing Race 34

Overall, Derek and Claire might not rank among teams like Kim and Penn Holderness in terms of overall Race dominance, but they are certainly one of the most likable teams to appear on the show in a while, let alone to win a season. They built on the goodwill they had from CBS reality fans thanks to their ability to have fun during the stressful Race environment, exemplified by Derek’s fake out joke proposal at the Finish Line. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Derek and Claire be invited back for a future Race season, or for Derek to make his fourth CBS reality appearance on another competition show.

Derek and Claire made for great additions to The Amazing Race 34, which was a return to form for the show following the pandemic-altered season 33. They brought a level of fun and charm to the show that made the season a breeze to watch, even when it wasn’t as creatively interesting as previous seasons. They are sure to be remembered by fans as strong winners and great representatives of The Amazing Race.

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