What Auralee Briney Has Been Up To In 2022

What Auralee Briney Has Been Up To In 2022

Auralee appeared alongside her two sister wives and husband on Seeking Sister Wife season 1, and fans are eager to know what she has been up to.

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Auralee Briney made a lasting impression on Seeking Sister Wife season 1 back in 2018 and fans want to know what she has been up to ever since. She was the second of three wives married to Drew Briney, and mother to six of his 15 children. Auralee’s strained relationship with first wife April Briney was a theme throughout the season, though she seems to have moved past it in the years since.

After an extended social media break, Auralee is back on Instagram and posting more for fans to see. In the years since the show, Auralee has focused less on reality TV and more on raising her children. At the time of filming the first season, Auralee was raising Laurelei, Josiah, Benjamin, Noah, Evalia, and Malachi. They ranged in age from eight months old to 11 years old, so she certainly has her hands full caring for them all. A lot of her Instagram posts revolve around her kids, especially when they are having birthday celebrations. Auralee has also been getting into the holiday spirit, sharing her festive Christmas wreath in November. She has also been perfecting her skills in the kitchen, as she shared her turkey-making process for Thanksgiving.


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Auralee Could Make Seeking Sister Wife Return

The Briney Family in Seeking Sister Wife

Auralee may appear on another season of Seeking Sister Wife, as someone in her comments alleged that she, Angela, and Drew were looking to add another wife to the family. The woman appeared to be upset in the comments, saying “thanks for courting me as a potential sister wife for almost 18 months and then dropping me like a hot potato.” Fans will have to wait and see if the Briney family makes a resurgence on the show with yet another wife joining their large family.

Auralee seemed to have a closer relationship with third wife, Angela Briney, and the pair often turned against April. The family had a blog where they answered questions about their unconventional plural marriage, and let fans into their lives even more than on Seeking Sister Wife. They have since taken down the entire blog, and their joint Instagram has been inactive for two years. Even Auralee’s Vimeo she has in her bio seems to be deleted.

Fans may recall that Auralee and the rest of the Briney family was supposed to appear on Seeking Sister Wife season 2. Filming started, but first wife April unexpectedly took all of her kids and left the rest of the family. Auralee assured fans that April’s kids still come back from Utah to spend time with their half siblings, though she did not mention if she ever sees April. Though Auralee and Angela have both kept a low profile since the show aired, they both still appear to be under one roof with Drew.

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