Thor’s Grandfather Has a Shocking Tie to Marvel’s New Infinity Stone

Thor’s Grandfather Has a Shocking Tie to Marvel’s New Infinity Stone

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Thor, the God of Thunder encounters his grandfather Bor and a dark connection to the seventh Infinity Stone.

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Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Thor #29The latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Thor reveals that the God of Thunder’s grandfather is connected to the Seventh Infinity Stone, a new cosmic gem possessing truly devastating power. While Thanos used the original six Infinity Stones during events such as The Infinity Gauntlet, it seems the Mad Titan hadn’t known about this other stone which may stand apart from the known cosmic circuit. Now, the God of Thunder has come to a forbidden battlefield where he makes a shocking discovery alongside Rúna, one of the original Valkyries.


After Thor’s sister Laussa is kidnapped by Corvus Glaive in a bid to locate to the Seventh Infinity Stone, Thor and Rúna team up to pursue Thanos’ lieutenant to a forbidden region of Niffleheim in the new Thor #29 from Torunn Grønbekk and Nic Klein. As Rúna explains to Thor, a massive battle was held at this site where Bor’s sorcerers created a weapon that would grant power over life and death itself. However, something disastrous happened. All Bor could do was keep the unpredictable dark magic contained. As such, this weapon Bor had made was likely the Black Infinity Stone itself.

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Thor’s Grandfather Continues The God of Thunder’s Shocking Family Reveals

Thor's Grandfather Bor And Seventh Infinity Stone

Surprisingly, Bor is revealed to still be alive by the issue’s end, potentially a result of the Black Infinity Stone’s mysterious power. However, several Asgardian soldiers are shown trapped in an amber-like substance, so perhaps Bor was trapped as well. That being said, these new reveals regarding Bor aren’t the only shocking family secrets Thor has been dealing with lately. Over in Jason Aaron’s Avengers, the God of Thunder has been contending with the fact that the very first Phoenix is as much Thor’s mother as Gaea.

Will Thor’s Dark Thanos Vision Come True?

Thanos Thor Black Winter Vision

At any rate, the reveals with Bor support the idea that the vision Thor received from the Black Winter may soon come to pass. In it, Thanos wields all six Infinity Stones embedded within Mjolnir as well as this Seventh Infinity Stone held within a new black gauntlet. He was also surrounded by several undead versions of Thor’s allies (perhaps the result of the new gem’s power?). Here’s hoping Thor’s grandfather can shed some light on the Black Infinity Stone’s creation and what it can do as the series continues. Thor #29 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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