The Batman Who Laughs is Nowhere Near as Important as Bruce’s True Opposite

The Batman Who Laughs is Nowhere Near as Important as Bruce’s True Opposite

Batman has had a lot of dark opposites over his time in the comics, from Prometheus to Batman Who Laughs, but one truly stands out from the crowd.

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Events like Dark Nights: Death Metal would naturally lead many DC readers to think that the villainous Batman Who Laughs is the most significant dark mirror version of Batman to exist in the multiverse. However, one character who has established himself as the Caped Crusader’s true dark opposite is just as significant to the DC Universe as Batman himself.

There have been numerous versions of Batman throughout the multiverse, some of them heroes and some of them the worst villains to ever exist. The Batman Who Laughs was one of the darkest villains the multiverse had ever seen, a dark mixture of Batman and Joker, combining their worst parts together to create one living nightmare. While The Batman Who Laughs was undeniably terrifying and an unbelievable threat, it seems that ultimately he wasn’t anywhere near as important as Batman’s true dark opposite, Owlman.


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Owlman is the dark opposite of Batman from Earth-3, a member of the Crime Syndicate alongside twisted mirror versions of other DC heroes, such as Ultraman (evil Superman) or Super Woman (evil Wonder Woman). Owlman has all the skills of Batman, but an inverse moral compass, which as readers have seen from other versions of Batman, makes him extremely dangerous. But the thing that makes Owlman the true dangerous analog to Batman is the fact he can never really be destroyed. As seen in the pages of Dark Nights: Death Metal: Metaverse’s End by James Tynion IV and Juan Gedeon readers see exactly what makes Owlman so cosmically important. Green Lantern explains to Owlman that no matter how many times Owlman dies every time a Crisis event happens and the universe resets, Owlman is brought back as well. This means that no matter what happens, Owlman is cosmically important and must exist in some capacity. This hasn’t been true of any other dark version of Batman.

Owlman Is More Important Than The Batman Who Laughs

Owl Man Batman Who Laughs

Owlman Green Lantern

The Batman Who Laughs killed every member of the Justice League on his world and he almost killed the Justice League on the main Earth of the DC Universe. He is one of the most dangerous villains the DC heroes have ever faced and the only reason he was beaten was due to a super-powered Wonder Woman tossing him into the sun. But that shows just how insignificant the Batman Who Laughs really was. While he was undeniably dangerous, he came from a failed world, a nightmare world from the Dark Multiverse, which makes him inherently a unique being.

Owlman Baby Batman

When the Batman Who Laughs died, that was it. It’s unlikely for him to come back since what was making the Dark Multiverse has also been stopped. But Owlman will always exist. He has died three different times and in every Crisis he has returned, which makes him cosmically more important than the Batman Who Laughs ever was.

Owlman himself stated, “I have existed in every iteration of our multiverse! If it survives, that means I survive.” The Batman Who Laughs cannot make the same claim, which is why Owlman will always be the most important opposite of Batman.

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