The 9 Best Twitter Reactions To The Show

The 9 Best Twitter Reactions To The Show

1899 has been on the most-watched list of Netfix ever since its recent release. The story revolves around international characters onboard a ship called the Kerberos that’s moving from Europe towards the USA. Every person setting sail is seemingly leaving a secret behind and moving towards a “new them,” shedding the old version of themselves and pretending to be someone new until they fully embody this new mask.

It’s no wonder that with such a hit show come many reactions from viewers, mostly on Twitter. From hailing the intelligent script to the masterpiece direction of photography and mentioning some key moments of the show, fans took to Twitter to share their various feedbacks.


Summing Up The First Season

It goes without saying that the creators of Dark came up with an equally mind-bending plot for 1899, taking the viewer on a whirlwind of mystery, sci-fi, and some international drama.

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Twitter user Tia Ovic summed up the series in her tweet with the four hilarious but very accurate images; between the machinery responsible for the simulation, the hatches that lead to memories, the time traveling, and the hiding place of Elliott, the tweet pretty much summarizes the season.

The Creativity Of Opening Scenes

One of the unanswered questions of 1899 is the matter of the voices at the beginning of every episode; when a character is telling another to “wake up” as the opening sequence starts.

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The creativity of the sequences was well noted, and Sandeep_Sanmeyo tweeted about it with a wrap up of every opening scene filmography. Since fans understand later on that the boat situation is only a simulation and not reality, it makes sense to see the character trying to wake up from what could be a dream or an alternative perspective.

From the creators of the 26 episodes series Dark came 1899, and obviously the fans of the formers hopped onto their Netflix account to watch the similarly inspired latter.

Expectedly, some viewers took the matter into their own hands as they dove deeper into the intertwined connections of both series, and one user, Drucion, tweeted about it by linking the start of both series to a missing kid in Dark found in 1899. It could be a total coincidence, and it could, in the German creators true fashion, be an even more twisted link between the two series.

The Darkness Of The Episodes

One of the major “links” between Dark and 1899 lies in the title of the former. In fact, most scenes are shot at night, leaving the viewer with a mysterious vibe until rare scenes are lit with daylight.

The reaction of viewers was tweeted by Guruprasad in a funny video that reflects most of what probably transpired in front of a lot of screens. In fact, the episodes are mostly set in the dark of night, or during heavy storms, leaving fans squinting at the rocking boat scenes, the crashing waves and then suddenly hopping to a memory during the day.

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The International Aspect

The Non-English Netflix series is in fact a multilingual story with international travelers, each speaking their own language, juggling up to seven languages in a given episode.

Viewers can relate to the reaction of Anadalau in her tweet about the conversations that transpire throughout season 1 of Dark. Most characters are speaking in their native language, aside from a few saying their lines in English, and it’s up to the audience to read the subtitles, while the other characters on the show don’t seem to understand their travel mates.

The Realism Of The Acting

1899 has an array of intelligent characters, all thanks to a stellar cast of actresses and actors that make for a homogeneous group of international people, traveling for different reasons but ultimately bonding for survival.

The acting is real enough to convince viewers that the characters really are in the year 1899, as Kat tweets the reaction of the audience and discusses how the cast wouldn’t recognize a cellphone. The more shocking part is when it turns out they all actually live in 2099, rendering the historic setting fraudulent.

The Cinematography

Just like its sibling Dark, 1899 deserves every bit of praise on not just the perfect cast and well-thought-of script, but also on the amazing filmography.

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As Ana tweets most fans’ relatable reactions, the cinematography behind the 8 episodes of season 1 is stellar. The series does not focus on one setting (the boat), but a variety of them with each memory of passengers. It also portrays time traveling, a simulation going wrong with crack-like appearances to some scenes, and black holes reinvented, all under an amazing direction of photography.

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The Forbidden Relationship

Throughout the episodes, no one can deny the chemistry build-up between the captain, Eyk, and the main character, Maura Franklin. However, that’s before everyone finds out she is actually married.

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In a tweet pretty much summarizing everyone’s reaction to the “forbidden relationship” Anne reflects fans’ feelings about the connection between Eyk and Maura that has more portrayed emotions than the one she has with her husband Daniel. Each one of them broken from their own story, so it makes sense for the audience to want to see more of their relationship unfold.

The Success Of The Series

It is no secret that 1899 has been one of Netflix’s most-watched shows since its release, and fans are reiterating their thoughts on its success on every social network.

Just like Junaid Badar puts it in this tweet, most viewers of the series share the reaction to the series as a whole and to the different episodes in particular. In fact, what starts as great cinematography, a stellar cast, and an intriguing story very quickly develops into a mind-bending sci-fi experience that goes deeper than a simple drama mystery of a lost ship. Fans everywhere are obviously impatient to see what’s coming in the next season.

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