Spider-Man’s Version of Scarecrow is Actually Stronger Than Batman’s

Spider-Man’s Version of Scarecrow is Actually Stronger Than Batman’s

When it comes to fear-based villains, Scarecrow is usually what comes to fans’ minds. But Spider-Man has a new fear villain that tops Batman’s foe.

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This article contains SPOILERS for Amazing Fantasy #1000A new fear-based villain who recently faced Spider-Man has an effect on people similar to that of Batman’s mainstay Scarecrow, but this villain is actually stronger.

In Batman’s rogues’ gallery, Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow is a fairly A-list villain. He has had a number of different looks over the years, but his method of attack has largely stayed the same. He uses fear gas to exacerbate people’s anxieties and deepest fears. He does this to Batman as well as the citizens of Gotham because he is obsessed with fear and its affects on people.


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In the story “Spider-Man vs. Conspiriton” in Amazing Fantasy #1000 by Armando Iannucci and Ryan Stegman, Spider-Man faces a villain who has a similar obsession. This villain’s name is Conspiriton and he is obsessed with conspiracy theories. He attacks the streets of New York City by unleashing a gas similar to Scarecrow’s fear gas, which causes people to become paranoid and believe that everything is a conspiracy against them. From Aunt May thinking elected officials are sea lizards to a man on the street thinking doctors are switching human livers with dog hearts, everyone is gripped with fear. Where Conspiriton and Scarecrow differ is that Conspiriton is wearing a giant armored suit that disperses the gas, which essentially makes him into a walking tank similar to something Iron Man might wear.

Scarecrow takes his moniker very seriously as he uses it to promote the fear aspect of his attacks. However, it’s not very practical from a physical standpoint as he isn’t much of a fighter compared to Batman. In contrast, Conspiriton really doesn’t have the flare for the dramatic that Scarecrow has in his battles with Batman. Instead, he focused solely on creating a walking battle tank to disperse this gas so that heroes like Spider-Man would have at least a little bit of a hard time defeating him and it wouldn’t be as simple as just punching him in the face, which is usually the way Batman would dispose of Scarecrow.

Another way in which Conspiriton might can be considered stronger than Scarecrow is that he isn’t interested in bringing the fears out of people that might already be there. Instead, Conspiriton focuses on putting fear into people, specifically through the use of conspiracy theories. Because all the fears that Scarecrow focuses on are self-created, they can be beaten by someone overcoming what they’re scared of. Conspiriton, however, puts fear into people ,which is a lot more difficult for them to overcome. So while Batman’s Scarecrow might look to be a terrifying villain, this villain that Spider-Man faces is actually a lot more practical in his villainy.

Amazing Fantasy #1000 is now available from Marvel Comics.


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