She-Hulk’s Intelligencia Sets Up 4 Huge MCU Villains

She-Hulk’s Intelligencia Sets Up 4 Huge MCU Villains

Warning! Spoilers ahead for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 6Following a major reveal in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 6, four major supervillains are potentially being set up now that Intelligencia has officially debuted in the MCU. Existing as a team of evil geniuses in the comics, this new live-action version has a rather large digital presence with Intelligencia being a website for “hateful man-babies” according to GLK&H’s Mallory Book. However, the end of She-Hulk episode 6 confirms there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to Intelligencia.


In She-Hulk episode 6, Jennifer Walters attends a wedding of an old friend. However, she also meets a new guy named Josh while having to contend with Titania who got herself an invitation purely to terrorize She-Hulk following their recent court battle. Meanwhile, Nikki Ramos and Mallory are helping Mr. Immortal settle with his various spouses. This leads them to the problematic website known as Intelligencia where one user named “HulkKing” manages an entire page dedicated to trolling and hating on She-Hulk (complete with incredibly concerning death threats).

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While Nikki in particular is concerned for Jennifer’s safety, neither she nor Mallory realizes the true extent of the danger She-Hulk is in. Whoever HulkKing is, they seemingly have resources and connections, given that they appear to message an undisclosed lab where a large needle is being prepped, resembling the same needle the MCU’s new Wrecking Crew used in their attempt to get a sample of She-Hulk’s gamma-irradiated blood for their mysterious boss. As such, it seems likely that Intelligencia is a major tool for some truly nefarious Marvel supervillains to connect and collaborate. Here’s Intelligencia’s comics history as well as the new villains the group may be setting up for the MCU’s future.

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Who is Intelligencia? Comics History Explained

Intelligencia is a group of supervillains in the comics who consider themselves to be the greatest criminal minds in the Marvel Universe. Having their first appearance in 2009’s Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1 by Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier, the group’s original intention was simply to exchange information. However, the Incredible Hulk’s return to Earth from the planet Sakaar motivated the cabal to become much more proactive. As such, it’s fitting that the MCU’s Intelligencia has made its official debut in a series starring She-Hulk along with appearances from her cousin Bruce who recently journeyed into space once more.

While the original Intelligencia disbanded after the group was betrayed by Doctor Doom, the second iteration was formed in part by the Leader. Real name Samuel Sterns, the Leader is a major Hulk villain whose mind grew and evolved after being exposed to gamma radiation. Likewise, Sterns has already been seen in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk played by Tim Blake Nelson. It’s also been confirmed that the MCU’s Leader will be the villain in Captain America: New World Order. As such, it is possible that Intelligencia appearing in She-Hulk is setting up his return to the MCU.

Intelligencia Makes Red Hulk’s MCU Debut More Likely

Once Intelligencia was reformed after Doom’s betrayal, the team’s greatest achievement was the creation of the Red Hulk. Harnessing gamma and cosmic energies, Intelligencia convinced and manipulated General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross into becoming their test subject, transforming him into a red-skinned Hulk to finally take down Bruce Banner once and for all. While the late William Hurt did play Thunderbolt Ross in the MCU, Marvel Studios may implement some narrative deviations from the comics and have a new character play Red Hulk (rather than recasting Hurt’s role). Either way, Red Hulk could end up becoming a major player in the MCU through Intelligencia and their attempts to get Jen’s gamma-blood (potentially joining the newly revealed roster for 2024’s Thunderbolts team).

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Every Other Villain Set up by Intelligencia

Going beyond the Leader and Red Hulk, MODOK and Doctor Doom are the other major players who have been a part of Intelligencia. Following Doctor Doom’s betrayal, he eventually came after the new iteration of the team during the brief era where he tried to replace Iron Man. However, Doom has yet to debut in the MCU as a traditional villain, so there’s a chance he’ll still be connected to the live-action Intelligencia. Doctor Doom has been rumored for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, so this new She-Hulk reveal could be setting up his debut to some degree.

However, MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing) was the other leading supervillain who revived the team alongside the Leader and has been Intelligencia’s most consistent member (along with his clone MODOK 2.0). Given the confirmation that a version of MODOK will be in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Marvel may be teeing him up with She-Hulk. Additionally, there are a collection of villains who have been part of Intelligencia’s roster such as the X-Men villain Mr. Sinister, Mad Thinker, Mole Man, Red Ghost, Trapster, Wizard, and Egghead. Although Mr. Sinister would probably be saved for a future X-Men film and the MCU’s version of Egghead is already dead, any of these other foes could potentially have a future presence (perhaps as various users on the Intelligencia site).

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Emperor Hulkling?

While it would certainly come as a major surprise and twist for the character, the “HulkKing” username does bring to mind Hulkling, the Young Avenger Teddy Altman who is also a king in space. However, Hulkling doesn’t actually have much connection to Brucer Banner’s Hulk or Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk in the comics despite the name and green skin. Instead, he’s a half-Skrull/half-Kree shapeshifter who now rules as Emperor Dorek the VIII while also being married to Billy Maximoff (aka Wiccan), one of Scarlet Witch’s sons. While it’s possible, putting Hulkling in such a distasteful role for his MCU debut by trying to cancel and kill She-Hulk seems very unlikely. Instead, the “HulkKing” username is likely a handle for someone more sinister like the Leader, a future Red Hulk, or even Titania, who has made it clear that she’s not going to stop trying to take down Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law release Thursdays on Disney+.

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