‘Scream’ Plot Arc Leads to Surprising Character Cameo

‘Scream’ Plot Arc Leads to Surprising Character Cameo

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This article contains spoilers for Scream (2022) — a major plot arc and surprise character will be discussed.

Slasher fans began pouring into theaters on Jan. 13 to see the latest installment in the Scream film franchise, Scream. The 2022 film, with the same title as the original movie, isn’t as much a sequel as a requel and — of course — a love letter to both Wes Craven and fans of the film that started it all.

As the events of Scream begin to unfold, we’re introduced to the new blood of the franchise, and it’s soon uncovered that they’ve all got a connection to the original killers or victims of the horror story. Be it familial or otherwise, these kids know the history in Woodsboro, and they’re undeniably linked to the town forever — even those who tried to escape it.

The call-back to Casey Becker featured a new character named Tara, and after her attack, her friends rush to her hospital bedside, as does her estranged sister, Sam. It’s easy to see that Tara is immediately comforted by her sister, but viewers can feel the tension in that hospital room in the audience. Something big happened between these two, and it didn’t take long to discover what it was.

Sam and Tara have different biological fathers, and Sam blames herself for why their dad left. How exactly could she have been the cause of an adult’s decision? Well… here’s where things get twisted.

Sam didn’t grow up knowing that her father was anyone other than the man she and Tara saw as their dad — that is until she began reading their mother’s old diaries. In them, she finds out that her mother had an affair and the identity of her father brings us back to Scream’s origin story.

She confronts her mother about her biological father’s identity. As she yells and tries to come to terms with what she just discovered, she fails to realize that their dad is standing right behind her — hearing the heartbreaking news for the first time.

He leaves soon after, and Sam begins to check out mentally and emotionally. Struggling to deal with the connection to her father, she begins to change. She uses drugs and alcohol to cope and withdraws from her family, even her beloved sister — and ends up leaving Woodsboro forever.

So her sister’s attack brings her face to face with the frightening idea of losing Tara and with the stomping grounds of her father — one of the first to don the mask of Ghostface — Billy Loomis.

Following Sam’s discovery, she’s had visions of Loomis, prompting her to follow in his footsteps. She’s spent the latter half of her life running from what she felt was a twisted destiny, even taking medication to thwart seeing him.

Loomis’ cameo is a CGI-enhanced version of Skeet Ulrich, and fans in the theater were surprised by his character being a critical part of the updated storyline. The tagline is true, maybe more so than it’s ever been. It’s always someone you know, and the connections in Woodsboro run deep.

Scream brings everything into a full-circle moment in the third act when Sam is face to face with the killer, and a vision from her father encourages her to stand up and stab them. It seems that Sam had been running from the one person who gave her the necessary nudge to put an end to Ghostface.

Sam sees her father once more after the killings are over, perhaps as a note that he’ll be both the devil and (in some ways) an angel on her shoulder.

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