Ronald Richards Alleges Erika Jayne Handed Over Wrong Earrings

Ronald Richards Alleges Erika Jayne Handed Over Wrong Earrings

Erika Jayne from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is being accused of handing over the wrong pair of $750,000 earrings to bank trustees.

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Erika Jayne from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is once again at the center of controversy after Ronald Richards, the bank trustee for the case, revealed the pop singer handed over the wrong diamond earrings. The “Pretty Mess” singer has continued to find herself in hot water since it was revealed that her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, allegedly embezzled money meant for widows and orphans. Fans have watched Erika fight to the bone regarding her innocence, but she will have to explain the newest accusations.


In a stunning turn of events, Ronald Richards has claimed via Twitter that Erika gave the wrong set of earrings to the trustees. The $750,000 diamond earrings have been a primary focus of the case as the prosecutors have alleged they were bought with ill-gotten funds. Ronald shared with RHOBH followers that the earrings Erika handed over to the court were “NOT the same earrings on the sales invoice.” Ronald’s new claim comes shortly after TMZ reported that the infamous earrings were estimated at a significantly lower value.

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Lawyers Claim Multiple Inconsistencies With Erika Jayne’s Story

Ronald Richards RHOBH

Erika’s arch nemesis Ronald didn’t hold back as he continued his barrage in another tweet, noting that Erika and Tom’s story doesn’t add up. Over the months, Ronald has taken note, recalling that the former couple claimed the earrings were stolen during a burglary in 2006. The lawyers went on to point out the “facts” by tweeting, “1. Erika claims under oath she had a burglary in 2006. 2. Tom claims to the franchise tax board it was 2007. 3. Erika claims Tom bought her replacement earrings in 2007 under oath.” Ronald ended his tweet by writing, “The GIA certificates that were ordered in 2022 show they are not the same diamonds.”

With all the paperwork lined up in a neat and tidy row, RHOBH fans are concerned about how Erika will explain her way out of these new accusations. Supporters of Erika quickly commented that it was possible the pop singer messed up the earrings since they looked similar. But more have spoken out against her than in her favor. Erika’s castmate, Garcelle Beauvais, shared her opinion while on The Real, saying she should hand the earrings back over. Even Mad Men’s Jon Hamm weighed in on The Howard Stern Show, saying Erika needs to realize the earrings were never hers.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 is currently on pause. Andy Cohen shared that the entire cast needed a break after an intense RHOBH season 12, which included a few meltdowns by Erika and Kathy Hilton freaking out on the cast and Lisa Rinna. While Erika is coming across as a bit cold, her therapist recently shared that her freakouts have been her way of mourning the life she has lost. While some fans can empathize with Erika, many feel she needs to show a bit more sensitivity.

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Source: Ronald Richards/Twitter, TMZ, The Real/YouTube, The Howard Stern Show

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