Rob Zombie Confirms He’s Making a ‘Munsters’ Movie

Rob Zombie Confirms He’s Making a ‘Munsters’ Movie

Who better than a Zombie to make a movie about a monster? Or, even better, a Munster?

Confirming rumors that were first reported back in April, filmmaker Rob Zombie announced on his Instagram that his next movie will be a film version of The Munsters, the classic TV sitcom about a family of friendly monsters. The original series aired for 2 seasons and 70 total episodes on NBC in the mid-1960s. The characters were previously brought back in a revival series called The Munsters Today, which ran for three seasons of 73 episodes in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Then, in 2012, Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller took a stab at a modern Munsters with a TV special called Mockingbird Lane. Although that was technically a one-shot deal, Mockingbird Lane was considered a backdoor pilot for a full series, so Zombie’s film would be the first true feature based on the premise.

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“Attention Boils and Ghouls!” Zombie posted on Instagram along with the title card for the film. “The rumors are true! My next film project will be the one I’ve been chasing for 20 years! THE MUNSTERS! Stay tuned for exciting details as things progress!”

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The previous reports about Zombie’s Munsters claimed it would be a TV movie, potentially on NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. At that time, it was stated that Zombie regulars Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster and Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, as Lily Munster.

Given that Zombie’s films tend to be a bit more violent than a 1960s sitcom, it’s an eyebrow-raising combination of filmmaker and subject matter. But Zombie says he’s been “chasing” this project for two decades, so clearly he has something in mind for the material. It should be fun to see just what that is.

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