RHOM’s Lenny Accuses Lisa of Splurging on Designer Items

RHOM’s Lenny Accuses Lisa of Splurging on Designer Items

Lenny Hochstein is putting his ex-wife Lisa Hochstein’s lavish purchases on blast amid his divorce from The Real Housewives of Miami star.

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Lenny Hochstein is calling out Lisa Hochstein and accusing The Real Housewives of Miami star of spending hundreds of thousands on designer items. Lenny and Lisa are locked in a messy divorce battle that’s playing out in the press and in season 5. Lenny filed for divorce back in May following reports that he was dating a new much younger woman. Since announcing the divorce, Lisa has been battling Lenny over finances she claims he’s withholding from her amid their split.


But Lenny is fighting back against Lisa’s claims by accusing her of overspending on designer items for herself. According to new documents Lenny filed, he reduced the American Express card he spends on Lisa to $5,000 a month after she spent $200,000 on lavish items in a five-month span, Page Six reports. Lenny claims Lisa agreed to the reduced AMEX amount, but snuck in a few last-minute purchases just before the limit went into effect. The documents accuse Lisa of โ€œbrazenlyโ€ spending more than $2,330 on a Louis Vuitton purse, $3,300 at Bergdorf Goodman on a โ€œhigh-fashion purseโ€ and $3,500 on โ€œfine ladiesโ€™ clothing.โ€ Because of Lisa’s spending, Lenny thinks the housewife “acted in bad faith and with an intent to deceive [Lenny]” by agreeing to the limit, only to make lavish purchases behind his back.

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Lisa Allegedly Agreed to the Credit Card Limit

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein pose for RHOM

The filing gives an example of a time Lisa agreed to accept $10,000 in support from Lenny “along with limited charging privileges on the AMEX card,” but instead went to spend “several thousand” on luxury goods using the AMEX Lenny pays on a monthly basis. Lisa and Lenny are trying to work out their financial differences. The docs state she agreed to return a purse to Bergdorf Goodman in exchange for $4,300 in cash and checks from Lenny. The Miami plastic surgeon also wrote Lisa two checks for $12,500 each on Nov. 23 and Dec. 1. Lenny’s filing comes weeks after Lisa filed a second request for spousal support claiming Lenny left her with no money to care for their two children.

Season 5 is catching the demise of Lisa and Lenny’s marriage. She kicked off the season under the impression all was well with her husband, and he was working out to look good for her. But a hot mic moment captured Lenny’s intention to leave Lisa for his new girlfriend. Lenny admitted to a friend that he was no longer sleeping in the same bed as Lisa because it would offend the woman he was dating. Fans are already aware the mystery woman is Lenny’s current girlfriend Katharina Mezapa. Lisa has shared how blindsided she was by Lenny’s divorce filing.

However, the filing came after Lisa had already confronted Lenny and Katharina at a nightclub. The Real Housewives of Miami season 5 is set to reveal the buildup and fallout between Lisa and Lenny’s divorce. The red flags were visible on the show. Fans had been saying for years how Lenny appeared to be checked out of the marriage. Now that the divorce is in the works, Lisa has to adjust to life without her wealthy husband, and it looks like she’s having a hard time dealing with it. Lenny might have to do more than limit credit cards to get Lisa to stop splurging on designer items.

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