No Way Home’ Artist Details Refreshing the Statue of Liberty

No Way Home’ Artist Details Refreshing the Statue of Liberty

Fans are still getting more Spider-Man: No Way Home content almost a month after its initial theatrical release, and the latest is a behind-the-scenes look at concept art from the film.

Over the last two weeks, there have been plenty of artists who worked on the film sharing their creations. Today, Marek Okon revealed his concept for the film’s Statue of Liberty and the process of how it came together.

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Okon shared that a lot of his time before the production stage of the film was used to craft the landmark statue so that it would work perfectly in the climactic battle scene that rounds out the film.

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Initially, it appears a lot more of the statue was visible without scaffolding. As he explains, the design changed drastically as the goal wasn’t to “create flashy key art images but rather to construct an interesting playground for our heroes to fight in”.

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You can check out multiple stages of its production in images that the artist shared to social media as part of his most recent No Way Home concept art update.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still available for fans to check out in theaters.

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