‘Mulholland Drive’ Star Shades David Lynch and Naomi Watts

‘Mulholland Drive’ Star Shades David Lynch and Naomi Watts

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Laura Harring, one of the stars of the 2001 surrealist mystery movie Mulholland Drive by David Lynch, shared an Instagram post criticizing the director and fellow co-star Naomi Watts for ignoring her during a party for the celebrated film.

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Harring said she and Watts threw an Oscar party for the movie celebrating Lynch’s nomination for Best Director.

“Naomi had just booked a huge movie in which her paycheck was super juicy, but I was nearly out of funds,” she wrote in a now edited post. “I had no money but I wanted to do it. And I did.”

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The actress said, “I got a cold reception from both Naomi and David! I was shocked. They stayed up filming the 2nd episode of Rabbits.”

Rabbits was a series of eight short web movies with a horror bent. Harring said the rabbit costume was claustrophobic, and she tried to get someone to replace herself in the role. She said she made up with Lynch eventually, “but that was the last time I ever spoke to Naomi. Yes you read that right! This is our last photo together.”

Harring and Watts definitely have some unresolved issues.

“Next day, I was the most photographed woman at the Oscars since I wore million dollar shoes, [yay!], But, I was not presenting. I went to say hi and she walked off. [Watts] presented [two] awards at the Oscars that night … so certainly Naomi had a big piece of the pie. My W magazine cover was cancelled and given to her, so never quite knew why she was upset with me. I was strange, but I accepted it a long time ago and moved on!”

The post didn’t stay up for too long until the caption was changed to “The Oscar party Naomi and I threw for David for his Oscar Nomination. This was the last time I saw Naomi and the last photo she ever took with me.”

No response just yet from either Watts or Lynch. Here’s the complete unedited post.

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