Love and Thunder’ Star Plays Coy About Movie’s Multiverse Ties

Love and Thunder’ Star Plays Coy About Movie’s Multiverse Ties

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Now that the MCU has discovered the multiverse, it’s not letting it go anytime soon. Spider-Man: No Way Home was the first time the franchise featured crossovers with other universes, and Doctor Strange 2 only doubled down on this concept. Now it looks like we’re going to have three Marvel movies in a row that have interdimensional ties, as Tessa Thompson has heavily hinted that Thor: Love and Thunder will likewise meddle in the multiverse.

Thompson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with guest host Sean Hayes this Wednesday to hype up the incoming film, and was asked an intriguing question by someone in the audience. The fan, wearing a Thor helmet, dropped the question, “will this movie deal with the multiverse?” Thompson’s response, or lack thereof, spoke volumes. See how she reacted in the video below (starting around 5:40):

You can clearly see the internal struggle going on in Thompson’s brain as she tries to work out how to answer this question, ultimately responding with a half-nod, half-shake of the head. When Hayes says “that’s a yes”, the Avengers: Endgame actress offers up, “That’s a maybe.” But it definitely seems like Thompson has something she doesn’t want to say, so it’s likely there is some multiversal material on display in Love and Thunder.

Not that this means we can expect, say, John Krasinski’s Mr. Fantastic to show up again. Thompson might be referring to the other dimensions that’ll be introduced in the flick. As a new clip showcases, Thor and his friends will journey to Omnipotence City, a nexus point for the various gods of the universe, while Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) will hail from the Shadow Realm.


What with both Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel also dealing with different dimensions and other planes of existence, the MCU’s multiversal focus is clearly here to stay. Don’t miss Thor: Love and Thunder when it blasts into theaters from June 8.

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