Indiana Jones 5 Images Show Harrison Ford & Look At New Characters

Indiana Jones 5 Images Show Harrison Ford & Look At New Characters

New images from James Mangold’s Indiana Jones 5 show new looks at Harrison Ford’s titular hero and the movie’s new supporting characters.

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New Indiana Jones 5 images provide fresh looks at Harrison Ford’s Indy and the sequel’s many new side characters. After last playing the titular archeologist in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Ford returns in director James Mangold’s Indiana Jones 5. Plot details for the film are still being kept under wraps, but the sequel will feature Indy teaming up with his Goddaughter, Helena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) against Voller, the film’s central villain played by actor Mads Mikkelsen. Although a trailer for Indiana Jones 5 has yet to be released, images have recently been released providing a first look at Ford’s hero.


Now, Empire Magazine (via Collider) has released even more images that reveal new details about Indiana Jones 5. The images provide new looks at Harrison Ford and also show off some of the movie’s new supporting characters. In addition to showing Indy running through traffic, one image features Ford’s character with Waller-Bridge’s Helena in what appears to be a large cavern. Another image also features a seemingly de-aged Indy facing off against what appears to be a mysterious Nazi soldier on a bridge. Check out the new images below:

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Everything We Know About The New Cast

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Helena and Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5.

No Indiana Jones adventure is complete without fun supporting cast members, and Indiana Jones 5 certainly seems to be no exception. Little is known about Waller-Bridge’s Helena just yet, but previously released images and the most recent ones suggest she will be playing an important role alongside Indy in his quest. The Indiana Jones 5 marketing also provides new looks at Holbrook’s Klaber who has been described as Voller’s “nefarious” sidekick. Right now, however, it’s not clear what the two villain characters are after in Indiana Jones 5, with previous films often featuring Indy competing against Nazis, Soviets, or other foes in the pursuit of ancient relics.

The image that features Indy facing off against the Nazi on a bridge appears to also include Toby Jones’ character. It’s not entirely clear what role Jones will be playing in the story, but the image would suggest that he will be an ally to Ford’s character. Images from the set of Indiana Jones 5 have already shown off Jones’ character, although his apparent team-up with Indy is largely without context. Additionally, the images also show off the first look at Shaunette Renée Wilson’s character, but almost no details are known about how she will factor into Indiana Jones 5 and whether she will be a friend or a foe.

While the images don’t necessarily reveal too much about the plot of the movie, they do shed some light on the movie’s many new characters. Ford’s hero is almost never alone on his adventures, and Waller-Bridge’s Helena is already shaping up to be a capable sidekick the likes of which Indy hasn’t had before. What’s more, the images also tease some of the action that will feature in Indiana Jones 5, with at least one sequence clearly involving some sort of chase through busy city streets and another using a de-aged Harrison Ford. A number of mysteries remain regarding the upcoming adventure movie, but with a release date set for next July, it’s likely that fans don’t have too much longer to wait before a trailer is released.

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Source: Empire Magazine (via Collider)

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