How To Use a Tri-Stinger in Splatoon 3

How To Use a Tri-Stinger in Splatoon 3

The Tri-Stinger is Splatoon 3’s new bow-style weapon capable of simultaneously firing three ink projectiles both horizontally and vertically.

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One new weapon type making its debut in Splatoon 3 is the Tri-Stinger, a bow-and-arrow-style armament that functions somewhat similarly to the established Charger but with three projectiles instead of one. When using the Charger, players had to hold down the ZR Button to charge their ink shots before firing. However, the Tri-Stinger is capable of both quick-fire and charged shots. More specifically, Splatoon 3 players can tap the trigger to fire three rounds in quick succession. Like a shotgun blast, the three projectiles can travel a decent distance but with poor accuracy, yet they can be effective at close range.


On the other hand, the Tri-Stinger’s charged shots in Splatoon 3 can provide a more accurate projectile path, converging the ink pellets together. Furthermore, whenever the trigger is held long enough for the weapon’s crosshairs to reach a complete charge, the projectiles will explode upon impact after a brief duration. While the ink splatter and damage done by the AoE is not too substantial, it can be utilized to wear down enemy shielding in PvE or cover more turf in PvP combat.

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Thanks to footage recorded by YouTube content creator ThatSrb2DUDE, Splatoon 3 fans can have a general understanding of how the Tri-Stinger works in action. Keep in mind that the Tri-Stinger weapon in Splatoon 3 is the first of its class, and more Stinger-type weaponry is expected to be announced in future updates.

How The Tri-Stinger Works In Splatoon 3

Below is a quick index of the Tri-Stinger’s basic moves and the correlating control inputs. Naturally, as players become more familiar with this new weapon, many more movement-based combos will likely be realized from experience on the “splatterfield.”

Tri-Stinger Attack Move Details
Basic Tri-Shot
  • Tap the ZR Button to instantly fire three rounds of ink in a horizontal cone-like shape in a single direction.
  • If the ZR is held slightly before release, the shots will converge, providing more accuracy based on how much the weapon’s crosshair was charged.
Charged Tri-Shot
  • Tap and hold the ZR Button to execute a charged attack with the Tri-Splatter in Splatoon 3.
  • After the crosshair attains one charge, release the trigger to send out projectiles at a farther distance that explode upon impact after several milliseconds.
  • The projectiles’ travel distance can be further enhanced by holding down the trigger to complete a second crosshair charge.
Jumping Tri-Shot
  • If the Tri-Splatter user jumps while firing, the three shots fired from the weapon will form a vertical trajectory.
  • This shot not only provides more accuracy but can also deal more damage to single targets if all the ink shots successfully land in Splatoon 3.

Source: ThatSrb2DUDE

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