How To Remotely Access & Control Your Audi Vehicle

How To Remotely Access & Control Your Audi Vehicle

The myAudi app lets users remotely access their Audi, allowing them to lock or unlock car doors, locate their vehicle in a parking lot, and more.

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The myAudi app is a valuable tool to remotely access an electric or gasoline Audi, while also offering a range of convenience features. In the era of connected cars, keyless entry has become a regular offering for even non-luxury models. And while an automaker’s mobile app can be used to start and stop a compatible vehicle, EV drivers can use the app to get more involved in the EV lifestyle. For instance, Chevroletโ€™s smartphone app โ€” myChevrolet โ€” allows users to locate nearby charging stations and monitor their car’s available driving range.


Unfortunately, the rise of connected cars also brings new cybersecurity threats. Threat actors are starting to shift their focus to the automobile industry thanks to the growing number of cars that can be remotely accessed through an app. In 2020, the Tesla Model X had a vulnerability that an experienced hacker could exploit. The scary part was that the EVโ€™s security systems could be breached within 90 seconds. Although Tesla has long since fixed that flaw, the safety of connected cars is something automakers need to seriously keep in mind.

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The myAudi app is available for both Android and iPhone. With the app, drivers can remotely access their vehicle, and unlock and lock the car doors from a distance. They can also oversee their carโ€™s status from the app, knowing when the car is low on range, the windows are open, or the lights are on. The app also comes in handy to locate an Audi in a large parking lot. For those unsure of where they parked, the app can help them navigate to their car. However, Audi cautions that the car tracking feature should not be used to track a stolen vehicle.

Setting Up The myAudi App

A hand holding a smartphone with the myAudi app open.

Drivers can also set geofence boundaries to ensure that they get alerts when the car moves out of a designated area, which is particularly useful when lending the car to a friend or family member, or even when handing over the keys to valet parking. Audi owners can also schedule routine auto maintenance and make use of route guidance to navigate to their destination. Aside from the EV-related capabilities, owners of any e-tron model can set their preferred cabin temperature through the myAudi app.

To set up the app, users will first need to create a myAudi account. After this, drivers will need to link their account details to the vehicle and then tap the login option. Login attempts should be made using the myAudi account details (username and password). By doing so, the Audi will instantly be added to the account. It should be noted that the availability of certain features depends on the Audi model. For instance, the app’s remote vehicle access and geofence boundaries features won’t work on Audi vehicles with a removable SIM card.

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