Horizon Call Of The Mountain Introduces New Protagonist Ryas

Horizon Call Of The Mountain Introduces New Protagonist Ryas

The PlayStation VR 2 game Horizon Call of the Mountain will replace Aloy with Ryas, a brand-new playable character with a surprisingly dark past.

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Guerrilla has officially introduced Ryas, the protagonist of the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 game Horizon Call of the Mountain. Previous entries in the open-world franchise have starred Aloy, a master machine hunter with a complicated past and epic destiny. Horizon Call of the Mountain will instead let players become a brand-new hero, and he apparently has dark ties to the series’ past.

A recent Twitter post from Guerrilla introduces Ryas, who will replace Aloy as the playable character in the upcoming VR game Horizon Call of the Mountain. The PlayStation VR 2 project, set for release in February 2023, will immerse players in the post-apocalyptic Horizon universe as they hunt machines from an amazing new perspective. Horizon Call of the Mountain will put players in the shoes of Ryas, a former Shadow Carja with a noble lineage who seeks to regain his honor. Ryas is said to be an expert climber and fighter, making him a worthy successor to Aloy as the playable character in Horizon Call of the Mountain.


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Horizon Call Of The Mountain Makes Players A Former Shadow Carja

Hoizon Call of the Mountain art featuring protagonist Ryas

While not much is known about Ryas’ personality or motivations, the Horizon Call of the Mountain protagonist does have interesting ties to the series’ history. He once belonged to the Shadow Carja, one of the Horizon Zero Dawn tribes that served as the chief antagonists of the first game. The villainous Carja splinter group attempted to conquer the game’s other tribes before being defeated by Aloy and her friends. As a former member of the evil Shadow Carja, Ryas should have a unique perspective of the Horizon world and may end up coming into conflict with familiar characters like Aloy.

The Horizon franchise in known for third-person open-world gameplay, but Horizon Call of the Mountain will put a whole new spin on the post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting. The VR title will let players explore in first-person, with the PlayStation VR 2 creating the opportunity for truly immersive climbing and combat. Gameplay will be more on-rails than in the game’s open-world predecessors, but this will help create a tighter and more immersive experience. Guerrilla recently announced the Horizon Call of the Mountain release date as February 22, 2023, making it an exciting launch title for Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 headset.

Call of the Mountain promises to deliver an original Horizon adventure, and a new playable character will help make the VR experience truly unique. As a former Shadow Carja, Ryas will offer a whole new worldview compared to the noble Nora outcast Aloy. Horizon Call of the Mountain promises to immerse players in Ryas’ story while translating the series’ unique sci-fi universe into a virtual reality environment.

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Source: Guerrilla/Twitter

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