Fortnite Servers Inaccessible Thanks To Major Outage

Fortnite Servers Inaccessible Thanks To Major Outage

Fortnite servers are inaccessible for the second time this week due to a major outage. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 launched almost a month ago, and the v22.10 update featuring a new Explosive Goo Gun, map changes, and Superstyles of Battle Pass skins was released on October 4. Although the downtime for mid-season updates is typically a few hours, v22.10’s downtime was roughly 11 hours due to an unspecified issue discovered by developer Epic Games.

Season 4 is rumored to be the final season of Chapter 3, and rumors involving the plot of the fourth chapter have already begun circulating. Chapter 3‘s looping storyline has been quite complex, with a wide variety of crossovers from Marvel to Star Wars and Dragon Ball Z. Now, a new mysterious substance called “Chrome” is taking over the island and Spider Gwen is in Fortnite‘s Battle Pass.

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Unfortunately, players are unable to access Fortnite‘s servers for the second time this week. As reported by Fortnite News, the outage began at 19:45 UTC and has affected Game Services, Login, Parties, Friends, and Messaging, Voice Chat, Matchmaking, Stats and Leaderboards, the Item Shop, and Fortnite Crew. The only aspect of Fortnite untouched by the major outage is the website. According to a pop-up message, Epic Games is currently investigating the outage currently affecting millions of Fortnite players, and it’s unknown how long it may last.

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Fortnite Players Face Two Major Downtimes In A Week

Although downtime for updates typically begins around 4 A.M. ET, Epic began early in the afternoon the day before, causing distress among players. The issue was not specified by Epic, but the update continued and players were able to access the new content. Epic is no stranger to Fortnite server outages and downtime, although more monitoring has been put into place to minimize issues in recent years.

It’s unfortunate that two major downtimes have happened almost back-to-back, but the new Chrome weapons, changes, and skins being introduced in Chapter 3 Season 4 may make up for any hours servers are inaccessible. The long-awaited annual Fortnitemares event is also coming soon, featuring fan-made and crossover Halloween-themed cosmetics in the Item Shop and spooky quests. Since the outage is still ongoing, it’s not clear if today’s Item Shop will be affected or if players will be compensated for the recent inconveniences in any way. While players are waiting to join the Battle Royale, they can also pre-order Goat Simulator 3 to get a buff Goat Simulator Fortnite skin.

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Source: Fortnite News, Epic Games Status

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