Every Easter Egg and Hidden Clue

Every Easter Egg and Hidden Clue

The new teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix is just a minute long, but it packs in a ton of clues about this season and where it is going. Watch closely, for example, and you’ll notice that the clock on the wall reads exactly 3PM. This is not a random time. Something is going to happen at that time on the new season — and 3PM is also the time when kids are sent home from school, giving it symbolic meaning. Perhaps the kids of the Rainbow Room are release (or break out?) exactly at 3PM.

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That’s just one of the little Easter eggs and secrets in the Stranger Things 4 trailer. Below, we break down more of the numbers that appear in the show and what they could mean, how a recent Stranger Things comic series connects to the events in this clip, and why the heck there’s a Plinko game in this lab. Watch it below:

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