Cincinnati Zoo Honors Betty White With New Penguin Chick

Cincinnati Zoo Honors Betty White With New Penguin Chick

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The Cincinnati Zoo is celebrating the life and advocacy of Betty White in a way that would have warmed her heart. White passed away on Dec. 31, and fans have been finding ways to honor her beautiful legacy since then.

Jan. 17 would have been White’s big centennial celebration, and everyone who loved her took the opportunity to donate to organizations that helped animals in memory of White. Her life’s great joy was animals, and she did everything she could to ensure that their health and way of life could be protected.

On White’s birthday, The Cincinnati Zoo shared that they were naming their blue penguin chick Rose in honor of Rose Nylund, White’s character on the hit sitcom The Golden Girls.

Thane Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo director had this to say about White and the impact she had on their zoo.

“Betty White was a huge Zoo supporter and animal lover. I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance years ago when she attended a Cincinnati Zoo fundraiser.  We introduced her to our first ambassador cheetah, Angel.” 

The Cincinnati Zoo’s bird team head keeper Cody Sowers, had this to say about Roses’ condition and gave an exciting update for fans who hope to pay the chick a visit.

Rose is healthy and on track to move to the little blue penguin habitat soon.” The Cincinnati Zoo states that she’ll soon join the other penguins in the colony, and visitors of the zoo will get to see sweet Rose as the weather warms up.

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