CaseMate Deals – Up to 50% off

CaseMate Deals – Up to 50% off

Black Friday this year is one of the best times to find a great new protective case for anyone’s phone. On Amazon Prime, there are a lot of options available for Case-Mate cases that work great as either a gift or for someone to buy to protect their own phones. When choosing a deal from this manufacturer, there are several eco-friendly phone cases to choose from. When someone on a budget is looking for a great deal on Black Friday, all it takes is a Prime Membership to get the biggest savings.

Anyone with a phone knows how easy it is to crack the screen with just a small drop. That makes these protective cases so important to save money when considering the high cost of a new phone and the repairs for cracked screens without insurance. Since the best phones cost up to $1,000 or more, it is important to make sure this expensive equipment remains safe.

With hard plastic cases, gel cases, silicone cases, wallet cases, and some of the toughest phone cases on the market, Case-Mate has everything an Apple or Android phone owner could want to protect their investment. These phone cases have all the bells and whistles needed to protect a phone and allow users to do anything they want with it. Some cases allow underwater photography and others have both military-grade protection, and sometimes even more. Just make sure to get the best deals on Case-Mate phone cases during the Black Friday sale.

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Rifle Paper Co. Basic Case

List Price: $49.99

Deal Price: $42.99 (Up To 14% Off)

  • Available in Garden Party Blue, Garden Party Blush, Rose Garden & Willow

Case-Mate offers hard phone cases with floral prints from the Rifle Paper Co. These are great-looking cases with holographic glitter elements. The cases come in sizes that fit both Apple and Android smartphones.

The hard case protects all phones from bumps, hard drops, and surface scratches. The best news about this phone case deal is that these are sturdier than other plastic cases, and they also have cushioned corners and a better grip to help avoid the drops that would normally crack a screen.

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Case-Mate Karat Marble

List Price: $39.99

Deal Price: $32.79 (Up To 18% Off)

Case-Mate Karat.

  • Available in Other Designs Including Brilliance Chandelier, Floral Gems, Sheer Crystal, Soap Bubble, Tough Clear Plus, Twinkle Diamond & Twinkle Stardust

The Case-Mate Karat is another beautiful case for people wanting to add a little bling to their protective phone cover. This cover has a semi-opaque design with 24k gold foil accents. However, while it has the gold flakes, the phone itself still shines through unobstructed.

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As for the protection, this case offers a 10ft drop protection with flexible sides, raised edges for screen protection, and shockproof materials. It is also slim and allows for wireless charging. One reviewer noted that “the Gold Karat flake designs are just gorgeous and that sells this case itself.”

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Case-Mate Tough Plus

List Price: $23.95

Deal Price: $19.95 (Up To 17% Off)

Case-Mate Plus

  • Available in Black, Clear, Garden Party Blue, Soap Bubble, Stardust & Twinjkle Stardust

For anyone looking to pick up a phone protector case while also saving lots of money, the Case-Mate Plus is on sale and was already at a nice low price. This base model is normally only $23.95, but this Black Friday, save 17 percent off the list price.

This is an upgrade from basic clear plastic cases. It offers 15-foot drop protection and has MicroPel® protection to ensure it remains looking great. With the different designs, this is an inexpensive yet safe alternative for anyone wanting to protect their phones.

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Case-Mate Sheer Sparkle Case

List Price: $39.99

Deal Price: $35.68 (Up To 11% Off)

Case-Mate cases

  • Available in Black, Crystal Clear, Garden Party Blue, Gold, Iridescent, Pearl, Leopard, Soap Bubble, Stardust, Clear, Smoke, Twinkle Rose & Wild Flowers

The Case-Mate Sheer Sparkle Case is another great option for someone who wants to both protect their phone and also show their colorful personality. These come in a variety of designs, yet all offer up to a 10-foot drop protection with flexible sides for gripping and raised edges to protect the screens.

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This case is a one-piece unit that slips on easily and offers protection from both drops and bumps. It also allows wireless charging and is compatible with Samsung phones. One satisfied reviewer called the case “absolutely gorgeous,” also saying, “I have had many CaseMate cases in my life, and this lives up to the quality I have always experienced.”

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Pelican Protector Series

List Price: $49.64

Deal Price: $42.99 (Up To 13% Off)

Pelican Protector Case

  • Available in Black, Camo Green, Sling Black, Sling Mauve Purple & Mauve Purple

The Pelican phone protector cases are the Case-Mate tough phone cases. These are harder than plastic and gel cases, designed for people who love taking their phones on outdoor adventures. Unlike other cases, these are robust, have a reinforced shell, and a higher degree of water protection.

These cases have a shock-absorbing shell with TPR rubber linings. They promise safety from up to 10 feet and are military-grade after multiple drops in testing situations.

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