BIP’s Logan Palmer Announces Release Of His Music

BIP’s Logan Palmer Announces Release Of His Music

Bachelor in Paradise season 8 contestant Logan Palmer may not have found love on the beach, but he has announced the release of two original songs.

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Bachelor in Paradise season 8 star Logan Palmer had a tumultuous summer on the beach, but he followed it up by releasing two new original songs about five months after the show wrapped filming. Logan dated Shanae Ankney and Sarah Hamrick before he finally found what he thought was true love in Kate Gallivan. Although they had many ups and downs throughout the season, Logan had hopes of making it to the end with her. However, Kate broke up with him in front of the whole cast at the final rose ceremony, telling him that she did not feel that he was established enough for her to consider getting engaged to him. Logan left the show heart-broken, which only got worse after he watched the season back and saw all the classist things that Kate said about him.


In Instagram and TikTok posts, Logan revealed that he is moving on after Bachelor in Paradise by recording and releasing music under the name Logan Seagull. In his Instagram post, Logan shared that his two singles are called “You Never Called Me On My Birthday” and “machine heart.” He captioned the post, “cats out of the bag I make music sometimes.” In his TikTok, Logan shared a video of himself holding a guitar with “You Never Called Me On My Birthday” playing in the background. In the video, he wrote, “before I get back to being a silly goofy giggle man, forgot to tell you guys I make music, go stream my music on Spotify LOGAN SEAGULL.” The caption for the Bachelor in Paradise star’s video is, “I really do be playing songs or whatever.”

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Logan Palmer’s Bachelor In Paradise Co-Stars Support His Music Career

In the comments section of his Instagram post, Logan’s fellow Bachelor in Paradise season 8 castmates complimented him on his music. Johnny DePhillipo wrote, “Let’s go brotha!!” Florence Moerenhout marveled, “Um ok but your music slaps why did we not hear more about this in paradise.” Logan responded with the phrase, “RIGHT REASONS,” a reference to the idea that some people join The Bachelor franchise shows in order to further their careers rather than for the right reasons of genuinely wanting to find love. Florence responded with “fair point,” to which Bachelor in Paradise star Logan responded, “thank u for saying that though I miss ya.” Florence then replied, “miss you don’t forget about us little people when you’re famous-famous!” In addition to the comments in the post, Logan’s Bachelor Nation co-stars, including Aven Jones and Justin Young, shared his songs to their Instagram stories.

Logan is a talented singer whose songs have the potential to become hits. However, he was right not to mention his music on Bachelor in Paradise to avoid being accused of joining the show for the wrong reasons. Because he waited, his music career is not tainted by negativity. This has happened to Bachelor Nation contestants in the past, and it led to them not having a fair chance at finding love on the show. Logan tried his best to find happiness and love in Paradise, and made the most of his experience. Now he can focus on his music, in addition to his career as a freelance creative copywriter and videographer.

Although Kate saw Logan as someone who was too young and not established in his career, he is actually an ambitious go-getter with big dreams. His new music shows that he has creative vision, and he has the potential to take it very far. Logan’s time with Bachelor in Paradise might have ended, but he is just getting started.

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Source: Logan Seagull/Instagram, Logan Seagull/TikTok

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