Big Brother 24’s Turner Closes His Store Ahead Of Move With Fiancé

Big Brother 24’s Turner Closes His Store Ahead Of Move With Fiancé

Big Brother 24 fans know that second runner-up Matt “Turner” Turner owns an art retail store, thrift shop, and art studio called The Rug Shack with his fiancé Megan Belmonte in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, but he has announced that they are closing the store in order to pursue their careers as artists. Turner placed third on Big Brother 24 behind runner-up Monte Taylor and winner Taylor Hale. He became a fan favorite due to his bold moves during the game. Fans also loved hearing about Turner’s relationship with Megan, as he often told stories about her and gave her shout-outs on the show. He proposed to her in October, and she happily accepted. Turner often referenced his beloved Rug Shack on the show.


In an Instagram post, Turner shared the news that he and Megan are closing The Rug Shack in a post titled, “THE END OF THE RUGSHACK [& WOAH we’re moving].” The Big Brother finalist began his post by saying, “LIFE UPDATES: Genuinely, can’t even believe this is real, but December 31st, I’m closing the doors of my storefront for the last time.” Turner said that “it’s been a hell of a ride,” but he and Megan are leaving Massachusetts “for good” in 2023, “and jumping into the deep end.” Turner confessed that since he was a kid, all he has ever wanted to do was “make art.” He added, “with peace and love that is absolutely not the same as owning a Thrift Store in Bridgewater MA.”

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Big Brother Inspired Matt Turner To Follow His Dreams

The Big Brother alum went on to say that he and Megan are using everything that they have saved up at ages 22 and 23 “to follow these crazy dreams of JUST being artists. From creating rugs, to owning a clothing line, and making YouTube videos, THAT is what I’ve always dreamed of doing.” Turner added that if being on Big Brother taught him anything, “it’s that I CAN do this. It’s scary, leaving a successful business I’ve built to follow my dreams, of making videos and rugs, but I’m so excited (And this insane loft Megan and I move into in two weeks for sure helps) Bring it on 2023, Let’s get it.”

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Turner has showcased his art on Instagram, by sharing custom pieces that he made for his Big Brother co-stars. He made a custom two-piece table in the shape of muffin halves for Jasmine Davis, to honor Muffingate. Muffingate was the funny incident during which Turner ate half of Jasmine’s muffin, but then denied it until his confession on the season finale. After the show, Turner and Jasmine got matching muffin tattoos. Turner also made custom shoes for Taylor with the Lay’s potato chip logo because the Big Brother 24 winner was always snacking on them in the house. In addition, Turner made a custom rug that looked like a stained-glass church window with a cross for Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves, to honor her God 101 podcast. He is a truly talented artist.

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Turner and Megan loved The Rug Shack, even calling themselves the father and mother of the store in their Instagram bios, but it was not their true passion. As they move forward with their lives after their engagement, they are chasing their dreams. Being a Big Brother houseguest inspired Turner to believe that he can do anything that he puts his mind to in life. Fans wish Turner and Megan all the best on their next adventure.

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Source: Matt Turner/Instagram

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