Beautiful Axe & Bow Are The Most Heroic Way To Store D&D Dice

Beautiful Axe & Bow Are The Most Heroic Way To Store D&D Dice

A Reddit user has created a set of beautiful Dungeons & Dragons dice holders in the shape of axes and bows, and players can purchase them now.

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A crafty Dungeons & Dragons player has created two heroic-looking dice holders in the shape of an axe and a bow. As D20 dice sets are integral to the DnD experience, it’s no surprise that many would-be adventurers want their magic fate rocks to have a more personal touch. This desire often manifests itself in custom dice sets, dice rolling towers, and even dice storage boxes.

Reddit user Beck8765 recently showed off a pair of custom Dungeons & Dragons dice holders shaped like heroic adventurer weapons. The first is a rather large yet beautiful-looking axe, which contains a sliding compartment within its haft that can store a complete DnD D20 dice set. The face of the axe blade can also be rotated to reveal storage for extra dice. Lastly, there is a bow whose grip contains a compartment with custom-shaped storage for one of each dice variant. The bow also features a small arrow notch that can hold a player’s pencil.


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Custom Dungeons & Dragons Dice Holders Show Customization At Its BestDungeons and Dragons Party Faces Red Dragon

Beck8765 went on to say that each of the weapon-themed dice holders contains magnetic components, which lock the compartments into place and have “a satisfying click every time you close them.” The video also showcases the weapons in several colors, including stunning copper for the axe and beautiful silver for the bow. Players interested in owning their own DnD dice holder weapons can find them at Beck8765’s Etsy shop.

Much like player characters, Dungeons & Dragons dice collections can be equally special to adventurers, and Beck8765’s dice holders are perfect for those wishing to give their favorite dice set a good home. As DnD is an immersive roleplaying experience, it’s natural that some players will agonize over finding the right miniature or dice set for their characters just as they would creating the character itself. Ironically, this decision process has led to the ever-growing Etsy market of RPG accessories which allow more creative players like Beck8765 to provide more aesthetic options to players.

Beck8765’s weapon dice holders are just one example of the several custom DnD accessories many talented players have created over the years. Finding the right RPG accessory may not be easy, but thanks to the effort of such creative players, there’s no shortage of options. Whether an expensive set of personalized bone dice or DnD dice tower made on a budget, tenacious Dungeons & Dragons players will always find a way to customize their experience outside the character sheet.

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Source: Beck8765/Reddit

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