‘Batgirl’ Scene ‘Leak’ Gives ‘Morbius’ a Run for Its Money

‘Batgirl’ Scene ‘Leak’ Gives ‘Morbius’ a Run for Its Money

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With Batgirl confirmed to never see the light of day, DC fans are desperate to get any kind of glimpse at the movie that might’ve been. As everyone knows by now, Warner Bros. has elected not to release the would-be HBO Max original despite the film, from Ms. Marvel directors Adil el Arbi and Bilall Fallah, having already completed production. At the very least, then, folks are keen for the script to emerge online.

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So when Twitter account @BatgirlFilm appeared to leak a scene from the movie on social media, the tweet quickly went viral. Until folks took a closer look at the supposed script extract and realized something wasn’t quite kosher here, as the dialogue seemed a little too on the Morbius side of things to be believable.

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Sharing the scene along with a behind-the-scenes snap of Grace’s Barbara Gordon and Jacob Scipio, who was to play a character called Anthony Bressi, the scene “reveals” that Babs was to get her own catchphrase in the film: “It’s Battin’ time!”

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Yup, this is a classic example of the “you had us in the first half, not gonna lie” genre of hit tweets. Kudos to the OP for going to the effort of making this look so believable, but we’re pretty certain that this isn’t the genuine article. While reports may point to Batgirl receiving disappointing test screenings, any crossover with Morbin’ Time is just too wild to be true… Right?

While this leak might be a bust, fans remain determined to get a hold of the movie by any means necessary (and they really mean that). Maybe the actual script will make its way online one day, allowing us to get a flavor for how it would’ve gone down.

The odds have got to be good, however, that it would’ve been a whole lot better than Morbius, despite Sony releasing that twice in theaters and WB not even allowing Batgirl to drop on streaming. Unfortunately, Babs is never going to get her (battin’) time in the spotlight.

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