An Explosive Sci-Fi Black Comedy Combusts on the Streaming Ranks

An Explosive Sci-Fi Black Comedy Combusts on the Streaming Ranks

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Mixing and matching multiple different genres to create a cohesive whole is a tough task for any filmmaker, never mind one making their feature-length directorial debut, but it would be an understatement to say that Brian Duffield absolutely knocked his first film Spontaneous out of the park.

The only downside is that a limited theatrical release and VOD rollout in October 2020 saw the movie go largely under the radar, unnoticed, and overlooked, something that didn’t deserve to happen to a unique slice of stylish cinematic madness that landed a Certified Fresh Rotten Tomatoes score of 97 percent.

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The broadest way to describe Spontaneous is as a sci-fi, romantic, teen, coming-of-age black comedy with horror elements, just to give you an indication of the balancing act on display from first to last. Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer play a pair of high school seniors trying to figure out a way to enjoy life in a world where people have suddenly and inexplicably started combusting for no discernible reason.

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As romance begins to blossom in among the blood, guts, and exploding peers, the star-crossed duo begin to realize that they should make the most of whatever time they have left, because the evidence is there that they could become mush at any moment.

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Spontaneous is a wild and crazy ride, but it’s also got plenty of heart and humor, which is enticing Netflix viewers in their numbers after FlixPatrol revealed the one-of-a-kind flick has scored a Top 10 placing in 15 countries, to rank as the platform’s 18th-top title globally.

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