A TV Remake That Was Re-Released as a Movie Hits #1 on Streaming

A TV Remake That Was Re-Released as a Movie Hits #1 on Streaming

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There’s a reason why Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game has been called “the most popular short story ever written in English”, because you’re never too far away from seeing the basic template refitted for either film, television, radio, comic books, video games, or any other form of media.

Ironically, the first adaptation remains the most famous, with the 1932 iteration standing tall as an undisputed classic, but there’s a brand new take on the story coming to VOD next month, which comes hot on the heels of forgotten streaming service Quibi’s glossy modern-day retelling that roped in Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz to star.

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Dropping the “The”, Most Dangerous Game ran for 15 brief episodes, and even landed a pair of Primetime Emmy nominations. However, when Quibi went down the toilet in impressively quick and embarrassing fashion, the series was re-edited and re-released as a 127-minute feature, which has now gone down a storm on-demand.

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most dangerous game
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As per FlixPatrol, Most Dangerous Game has instantly landed the top spot on the Prime Video charts in the United Kingdom and Ireland since being added to the platform yesterday, with a 59 percent Rotten Tomatoes score outlining that there’s plenty of average fun to be had.

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The premise remains almost the same as it did close to a century ago, with one man agreeing to take part in a deadly game only to to discover that he’s the prey and not the hunter, but some Hollywood polish has made it plenty palatable for subscribers to Amazon’s in-house service.

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