A Cult Comic Comes to Netflix

A Cult Comic Comes to Netflix

Netflix keeps snatching up hit comics from outside the DC and Marvel Universes. Next month, they’ll premiere Jupiter’s Legacy, based on the comic by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. (Netflix now owns Millar’s company, so it is the first of potentially many more shows and films of his creations.) Then, the very next month, they’ve got Sweet Tooth, the “post-apocalyptic fairytale” series inspired by a Jeff Lemire comic originally published by the DC Comics’ horror imprint Vertigo.

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The Sweet Tooth TV show was originally ordered several years ago by Hulu, but the project eventually transferred over to the ’Flix. The first trailer just debuted online, and it looks very faithful to Lemire’s books, which follow a boy named Gus (played here by Christian Convery) on an adventure through an America that’s been decimated by a mysterious virus (timely!) and is now populated by “hybrids” that are part human and part animal.Watch it below:

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Here is the show’s official synopsis:

Based on the beloved DC Comic, and Executive Produced by Susan Downey & Robert Downey Jr., Sweet Tooth is a post-apocalyptic fairytale about a hybrid deer-boy and a wandering loner who embark on an extraordinary adventure.

The first eight episodes of Sweet Tooth premiere on June 4, 2021 on Netflix.

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