9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Sheldon & Amy’s Relationship

9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Sheldon & Amy’s Relationship

The stars of The Big Bang Theory have been busy with new projects since the show’s end. In particular, Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) has the third season of her show Call Me Kat coming out at the end of September. What makes season 3 important is that Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) is still a producer and a familiar TBBT face will pop up with Kevin Sussman (Stuart Bloom).

Although Parsons doesn’t appear alongside his former TV wife on Call Me Kat, TBBT fans love that the two actors still work together and support one another. Their unique bond on the long-running sitcom was a fan favorite, which prompted fans to create funny memes about their characters and their relationship that reign true today.


Sheldon & Amy Were The Perfect Fit

Sheldon and Amy’s relationship timeline was fleshed out and dissected repeatedly by the other characters. Before Sheldon was ready to add the boyfriend and girlfriend title to their relationship, they were friends that did everything those in a relationship would, which confused their friends.

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On paper, Dr. Ramona Norwitzki was perfect for Sheldon, but she didn’t have the same tender spirit that Amy did. Similarly, David Gibbs offered Amy everything Sheldon couldn’t in terms of affection, but even he didn’t stand a chance against Sheldon. Like the meme’s comparison between Cinderella and the glass slipper, Amy and Sheldon were the perfect fit.

Amy Knew The Way To Sheldon’s Heart

This meme perfectly summarizes Amy and Sheldon’s relationship because she knew the way to his heart: a home-cooked meal that reminded him of his family. Even though Sheldon was a grown man, there were a few things that made him act like a kid again, and most of those things included the foods his mom and Meemaw made.

In ‘The Launch Acceleration,’ Amy wanted to prove to Sheldon that she could get him to love her even more by playing a few mental tricks on him; one being making his favorite meal. Sheldon laughed at her idea and denied it would work. But as soon as he saw chopped hot dogs in a bowl of spaghetti, he fell deeper in love. It’s one of the better Sheldon and Amy episodes to watch.

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Replace Rose With Amy And It’s The Perfect Meme

As on-point as this meme is, if the meme’s creator replaced Rose with Amy, it would be the perfect meme. Even though Titanic was released in 1997, the moment Rose didn’t make room for Jack on the floating door while floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is still something people talk about today. Had she made room for him, they both could have survived and lived happily.

Ironically, if this was TBBT, Sheldon would have kicked Amy off the door because it was “his spot.” And knowing how loyal Amy was, she probably would have switched places with him because she wouldn’t want to deal with his whining while they waited for help. His selfish tendencies made Sheldon worse and worse, but luckily, Amy helped him grow into a kinder person.

Sheldon & Amy: A Perfect Match

One of the reasons Sheldon fell in love with Amy (and vice versa) was because of how smart she was. Unlike some of the other women he mingled with, she was one of the few that could follow his train of thought and engage in stimulating conversation.

One of Sheldon and Amy’s biggest romantic moments was when they got married after years of dating. Like the meme, Sheldon would only be able to marry Amy if she knew proper grammar. Likewise, Amy only dated brilliant men who were well-educated and had the same interests as her. This meme summarizes the couple to a T.

A Moment Amy Loved (And Sheldon Had No Idea)

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When Amy fell ill, she was shocked that Sheldon stepped up to the plate and took care of her. She loved the affection so much that when she felt better she never told Sheldon. Instead, she acted as if she was still sick just to get more attention from him.

When Sheldon found out that Amy faked her illness for longer than necessary, he thought the only way she’d learn to never do that again was by spanking her. Amy, of course, viewed the act as sexual and welcomed it with open arms. Sheldon, however, saw it as a disciplinary action. And while Sheldon and Amy are different from Tom and Jerry, the scenes were too similar not to make a meme.

What Was More Important To Sheldon, Science Or Amy?

Even though Sheldon and Amy had a successful romantic relationship, Sheldon wasn’t looking for love when he found Amy. It was Howard and Raj who found Amy for Sheldon after signing him up on a dating website. Instead of focusing on women, Sheldon was more focused on science.

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Science was the main woman in his life and he didn’t have time for anything else. He viewed women as distractions and temptresses, which he didn’t have time for. Sheldon especially felt this way when he and Amy had rough patches. His issues in his relationship, at times, affected his work. This meme shows the mental confusion Sheldon went through when he saw a future with Amy.

The Golden Team Of Fun With Flags

With Amy’s help, Sheldon created an online show to teach Vexillology. With Sheldon as the host and Amy as the director and producer, these two had a fun time teaching audiences more about flags. For the couple, this was a fun hobby outside of their daily sciences.

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In one Fun with Flags episode, Sheldon and Amy taught viewers more about the German Bavarian flag. The couple even added a fun element to the episode by dressing up in traditional Bavarian garb, with Amy dressed as a Bavarian pretzel. Although Sheldon once said that Amy didn’t love dressing in costume, this meme proved otherwise.

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May The Force Be With “Shamy”

Sheldon and Amy weren’t fond of the nickname “Shamy,” but Penny and Raj loved calling them the nickname for fun. Regardless of their couple’s nickname, this meme dressed Sheldon and Amy up in Star Wars cloaks for Star Wars Day on May 4th.

In one episode, Sheldon had to choose between spending Amy’s birthday with her and going to see the newest Star Wars movie. While Sheldon leaned more towards the movie, his friends reminded him how important Amy’s birthday was. Sheldon maturely wound up spending Amy’s birthday with her and skipped the movies. However, whenever Sheldon did see the movie, there’s a strong possibility that he and Amy dressed up like the meme.

Everyone Wanted Amy’s Appearance To Shift, Except For Sheldon

Even though Penny and Bernadette were Amy’s best friends, they didn’t always treat her with respect. Amy was a woman who focused on science more than her looks and felt that her intelligence was more important than vanity. But on the off chance she was interested in spicing up her look, the group was all too happy in helping her.

The only person who didn’t want to see Amy change was Sheldon. When the two won a Nobel Prize and she updated her look, Sheldon was upset. He loved Amy for the woman she was and didn’t want to see her change like Penny and Bernadette did, which is why this meme is relatable to their relationship.

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