10 Movie Characters Whose Deaths Could’ve Been Avoided (According To Reddit)

10 Movie Characters Whose Deaths Could’ve Been Avoided (According To Reddit)

Along with dealing with the passing of T’Challa, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever also delivers another shocking death. Though it is certainly impactful, fans are already wondering if the death was necessary in the end.

While some movie characters seem doomed from the beginning, there are other deaths that feel like they didn’t need to happen. Sometimes such deaths can be tragic and senseless, such as in Gravity, while other times they can actually be baffling character decisions, like in Man of Steel. Fans on Reddit have named some of the key movie deaths they feel could have been avoided.


Vickers – Prometheus (2012)

As a prequel to Alien, fans might have expected more characters in Prometheus to fall victim to extraterrestrial threats. But one of the most memorable deaths in the movie comes as Vickers, the human villain of the movie, fails to outrun a falling spaceship and is crushed.

Redditor ProfXavr is one of many fans who points out the seemingly obvious solution for Vickers to “run left or right” rather than continuing straight in the path of the crash. The fact that another character, Shaw, does just that and survives makes Vickers look all the more foolish.

Dr. Susan McAlester – Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Saffron Burrows looking intense in Deep Blue Sea

Many enjoy Deep Blue Sea as a so-bad-it’s-good shark movie featuring some epic kills. The final death of the movie is the lead female character, Dr. McAlester who, in an attempt to distract the shark so it could be killed, cuts her hands and jumps into the water where she is quickly eaten.

It is yet another heroic sacrifice that just didn’t need to happen as Redditor The_Wallows suggests she “could have just cut her hand and let the blood drop into the water instead.” It seems that, if this scientist could genetically enhance the intelligence of sharks, she could think up a safer plan.

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The Male Models – Zoolander (2001)

The tragic gasoline fight accident in Zoolander

Ben Stiller’s titular male model in Zoolander may not be too bright, but at least he is joined by equally dim friends. Sadly, during a frolicking day out, Zoolander’s male model buddies decide to have a gasoline fight at a gas station only for one of them to light a cigarette and blow them all up.

Redditor JohnnyJayce admits “I know it was for humor, but it was still stupid af.” Of course, the fact that no person of moderate intelligence would die in a gasoline fight is the whole joke. It makes for a hilariously dark demise.

Ruth – Dante’s Peak (1997)

Ruth lying on the ground as she dies in Dante's Peak

The disaster movie Dante’s Peak focuses on a volcano suddenly erupting in a small mountain community. During the climax, the heroes make their way across a bubbling lake as their boat begins to melt. Nearly at shore, the family’s loving grandmother Ruth decides to jump in and pull the boat to shore.

Redditor shrrrper points out that Ruth “just had to wait like 10 more seconds and the boat would have been to shore anyway.” As heroic as the moment is meant to be, it is hard to see Ruth’s sacrifice as necessary given how little she actually helps.

Quicksilver – Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

Quicksilver has become a bit of a forgotten part of the MCU and his lackluster death scene might have something to do with it. When Hawkeye and a young boy find themselves in the path of Ultron’s bullets, Quicksilver uses his super speed to shield them and take the hit himself.

Redditor Snoo79382 feels Quicksilver could have “moved fast enough to get Clint out of the way and himself too.” It can really deflate a heroic death when the audience can see an obvious way to prevent it.

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Matt Kowalski – Gravity (2013)

George Clooney looking at Earth from space in Gravity

Astronauts Matt Kowalski and Ryan Stone face impossible odds of survival in Gravity, but Matt’s eventual death still bothers fans. Ryan holds a tether to Matt as he floats off into space, but he decides he needs to let go so that he doesn’t pull her out into space as well.

Redditor Rev21193voices their frustrations in the decision as it “had me screaming.” As many fans have noted, nothing was really pulling Matt away so Ryan simply had to yank the tether and he would gently float back to her. It can be maddening for fans to realize that they are smarter than the characters on screen. It is a scene that ruined the movie for many fans.

Vincent Vega – Pulp Fiction (1994)

John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

Though Vincent Vega seems like the main character of Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino finds a shocking way to kill him halfway through the movie. While staking out Butch’s apartment, Vincent takes a poorly-timed bathroom break and comes out to find Butch holding his gun before being blasted away.

Redditor Chefshipwreck5897 points out Vincent’s failure as a hitman to be “shot dead in a shower by his own f***ing gun.” It does seem like a pretty amateur mistake to make for someone in his profession and it is a safe bet Vincent would have been quite embarrassed by the whole thing if he hadn’t died.

Dr. King Schultz – Django Unchained (2012)

Dr Schultz drinks a beer in Django Unchained

Dr. King Schultz is a Tarantino side character who steals the show in Django Unchained. But when he and Django are about to succeed in riding to freedom with Django’s wife Broomhilda, Schultz makes the foolish decision to shoot slave owner Calvin Candie and be swiftly killed himself.

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Redditor Imdasenate points out that all would have been well if Shultz simply “resisted the urge to shoot Candie and just shake his hand.” It is a bad choice that fans also feel is selfish as Schultz immediately put his allies in a terrible position with his thoughtless action.

Jonathan Kent – Man Of Steel (2013)

Jonathan Kent sacrifices his life for Clark in Man of Steel

Though Henry Cavill’s best moments as Superman show why fans are excited to see him return to the role, this remains perhaps his most controversial moment. A flashback in Man of Steel reveals Clark Kent lost his adoptive father during a tornado when Jonathan convinced his son not to save him so his superpowers could remain a secret.

Redditor DC4MVP expresses that the “whole scene bothers the hell out of me.” It is a sentiment shared by many fans who feel there is no way Clark Kent would allow someone to die who he could have so easily saved. The fact that it is his father makes it harder to accept.

Danson & Highsmith – The Other Guys (2010)

Samuel L Jackson Dwayne Johnson

In, The Other Guys, Danson and Highsmith are a hilariously cliché action movie duo whose death-defying nature leads to their early deaths. In pursuing suspects, the partners decide to jump off a skyscraper and “aim for the bushes” only to predictably fall to their deaths.

Redditor provocatrixless admits that “I like the movie but it’s literally the best joke in the entire thing.” It is another death scene that is impossible not to laugh at simply for how pointless it is. The way the moment is dragged out with them falling for so long makes it even funnier.

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