10 Memes That Sum Up Daemon Targaryen’s Character

10 Memes That Sum Up Daemon Targaryen’s Character

House of The Dragon is well on its way to becoming the biggest television show after its predecessor Game of Thrones, and Daemon Targaryen is a character who has captured everyone’s imagination. The King of the Narrow Sea has been hailed for his victory at the Stepstones, his roguish attitude in politics, and his love for Rhaenyra Targaryen.

The internet is, without a doubt, obsessed with the younger Targaryen brother, irrespective of what he does and says. He has been the object of many, many memes across the World Wide Web, which sum up his character beautifully.

This article contains mentions incest.

10 Damon The Attention-Seeker

Daemon Targaryen did not take kindly to being ousted as heir to the Iron Throne, so naturally, he threw a bit of a temper tantrum, of epic proportions. He decided to capture Dragonstone and made up an elaborate lie about getting married to Mysaria.

He even went to the extent of stealing the dragon egg meant for Baelon, which depicted his inner angst and hurt at feeling left out. Daemon’s lies came to him easily, even about a fake pregnancy with Mysaria — he had no political abilities among the Targaryens.

9 Daemon Did Not Care

Both House of The Dragon and Game of Thrones are TV shows that have ruled the world, and ruthless ambition and its consequences are running themes in the shows. Daemon, too, was not interested in sentimentalities, even when his own sister-in-law and nephew passed on the same day.

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Darkly enough, his lack of care was kind of funny to fans. His nature is a single-minded one, and he only cared for himself and Rhaenyra.

8 Daemon Shot The Messenger

A quirk of Daemon Targaryen, which can be attributed to his hot-headedness and pride, was the way he beat Viserys’ messenger, who ironically didn’t even bear bad news. In fact, he was the harbinger of aid from Viserys, but this was something that Daemon refused to accept.

Instead, he decided to maim the messenger and risk his life to prove a point. Fans wonder if this would have a comical effect on future correspondence in Westeros and the Night’s Watch.

7 Damon Vs. The Crabfeeder

Fans fell in love with Daemon after his dramatic victory at the Stepstones, which was reckless but iconic. He had no throne left and no certainty about the future, so it was his way of making a legacy for himself — which he definitely succeeded in.

In the biggest moment in HoTD, Daemon went to the Crabfeeder’s cave, armed with only his Valyrian steel sword, fended off arrows and attacks by his army, and dragged him out, slashed across the chest. This cemented Daemon’s formidable place in history.

6 Daemyra

The most appealing part of Daemon is his love for Rhaenyra, who in true Targaryen fashion, happens to be his niece. Unlike his other machinations, the affection he has for the Princess are genuine, and he supports her in every way possible.

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The only hitch is that they are related, but in the HoTD Universe, the Targaryens accepted and thrived on in-mating, so fans feel fine shipping the Princess and Prince together, fondly naming them “Daemyra.”

5 Daemon Acted On Every Single Impulse

People are prone to avoiding intrusive thoughts, but Daemon Targaryen was an expert at acting on each and every one of them. He despised his marriage to Rhea Royce, so he ended the union in the bloodiest way he could think: murder.

The scene where he finishes her off stll had the quality of “will he, won’t he,” as Daemon himself seemed unsure of what he was capable of. However, cold-blooded murder was in his nature, and he chose to move on very, very quickly.

4 Daemon Doesn’t Simply Get Banished

In almost every episode so far, Viserys has banished Daemon for his many crimes — a killing spree through the city, his joke about Baelon, and his seduction of Rhaenyra, but Daemon doesn’t flinch in walking through the King’s hallways over and over.

Matt Smith gives an impeccable performance as Daemon, capturing his swagger and devil-may-care attitude in just his gait as he returns to King’s Landing every single time.

3 Daemon’s Indifference

Committing murder and getting away with it is Daemon’s style, but when his fans had a laugh when he didn’t even deign to recognize his former wife’s cousin when he came to get justice for Rhea Royce’s murder.

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Daemon’s sass and indifference was very in-character for him, and while his crime was heinous, fans loved the way he handled himself every time he did something wrong.

2 Daemon The Soft

Brutal and calculative, Daemon was not one to be trifled with in the HoTD Universe. However, it was clear that he had a tender side to him, reserved for those he cared for the most. These people were few and far between, by Mysaria and Rhaenyra were the first that come to mind.

He didn’t mind getting blood and guts on himself (just like the Princess), nor did he hesitate to be soft and loving to a select few. A perfect combination, according to most fans.

1 Toxic, But Fans Love Him

Easily the most loved in HoTD, Daemon is by no means a good person. He is manipulative, violent, impulsive, cunning, and overall extremely toxic, but fans enjoy this dichotomy in his character thoroughly.

He may not be a lovely human being, but he is a fantastic character that everyone can get behind. It’s safe to say that Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen will rule hearts and award shows the next few years, at the very least.

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