10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mother’s Milk As A Character

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Mother’s Milk As A Character

While fans of The Boys will be waiting at least until late 2023 to see the next season of the show, fans can expect the supe college spin-off show, The Boys: Gen V, to arrive months before. It’s something to look forward to, but fans will still have to wait to see their favorites on screens again.

After all, who doesn’t want to see Frenchie, Starlight, and Butcher going against supes like Homelander and the Deep? Yet there is one member of the Boys that fans really want to see developed more. Mother’s Milk, or M.M, really deserves more attention, and it’s why they have been making so many memes about him.


Two Sides To Him

While Mother’s Milk is a fierce character with an undying obsession with taking down Vaught and their supes, there is another side to him that the other members of the Boys don’t see often. Despite being one of the toughest and bravest characters in The Boys, he’s also a loving father.

Mother’s Milk absolutely adores his daughter and struggles with reconciling his relationship with his ex. It’s a side to M.M. that might confuse those around him, yet it makes perfect sense, given how family-focused he is. His crusade against the supe was a consequence of family problems, so his love for family trumps all.

Avoids Getting Hurt

While Hughie can be summed up as a character who gets severely hurt on a daily basis, side characters like M.M. never really have to worry. He can be stuck in a flipped car, thrown out of a building, or strangled by a supe, and it never really poses a problem for him.

While it certainly adds to M.M.’s toughness, it also can be confusing, given that fans expect a certain amount of realism from The Boys. Still, for humans to be strong enough to take on superheroes, there will have to be some plot armor to keep them alive. For all of them except Hughie, at least.

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An Awkward Name

While Homelander has done some incredibly evil things, M.M. has never really had one-on-one interactions with the supe. He also isn’t entirely aware that Homelander is absolutely obsessed with breastmilk, which is uncomfortably close to M.M.’s name.

It might be a wiser move for Mother’s Milk to go by Marvin around Homelander, or else there might be some problems in the future. There’s no way of knowing how Homelander would react, and, given M.M.’s reaction to Love Sausage, he’ll want to keep his nickname quiet.

Never Realizes He Can’t Win

As much as M.M. is self-aware and aware of those around him, he always launches into fights even when they’re impossible to win. It’s something that he has in common with the rest of the Boys, as they reasonably don’t have a chance against Vaught.

While Starlight is one of the strongest super-abled characters, she just isn’t strong enough to stop characters like Homlander or Stormfront. M.M. just needs to start putting together the strengths of those around him. Otherwise, there’s no way the Boys will be able to organize themselves.

A Loving Father

There are few things more terrifying than an angry M.M., who can even intimidate the emotionless Butcher. Yet there are also few things more adorable than getting to see M.M. spending some time with his daughter. The two sides of M.M. complement each other remarkably well.

While the two might converge at times, like when he lashed out against Todd, he likes to keep those lives completely separate. While he may view it as a best-of-both-worlds situation, his life with the Boys has unfortunately gotten in the way of his family life.

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Has The Worst Teammates

M.M. takes the mission of the Boys seriously. As a Boys side character with main character energy, he often finds himself struggling to coordinate his teammates to actually continue their war with the supes. Unfortunately, his teammates are too often distracted.

If they aren’t off dealing with romances or family issues, they’re quitting the Boys and leaving M.M. frustrated. Either that, or they work with people like Soldier Boy, who would gladly see M.M. dead. It is incredibly rage-inducing for M.M., and it’s a wonder that he keeps himself together.

M.M. Holds A Grudge

Despite the fact that Soldier Boy ruined M.M.’s life, the supe had absolutely no reason to remember the incident. After all, it was just another day for him. He threw a car after confronting thieves, and it meant the death of M.M.’s grandfather. That was nothing to Soldier Boy.

To supes, human life is cheap. To M.M., it meant the life of his father and his grandfather were gone too soon. It was a brutal moment, and it was especially brutal for M.M. when he realized that Soldier Boy really didn’t care. It’s typical supe behavior, but it ruined his life.

Uncomfortable Risk With Homelander

While fans are already well aware of the reason for Mother’s Milk’s hatred of supes, it is pretty funny to imagine his relationship with Homelander. After all, every one of the Boys has multiple reasons for their crusade. If Mother’s Milk hates Homelander for drinking mother’s milk, it would be hilarious.

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Of course, that isn’t really the reason, but it does have a mild contribution. After all, all the Boys hate the supes for thinking that they’re above others. Homelander doesn’t mind breaking social norms because he thinks they don’t apply to him. So, to some extent, M.M. really might be annoyed to hear it.

Always Wants A Fight

Even knowing the wildest things supes have done with their powers, M.M. is rarely afraid to stand up to them with a rifle, a pair of fists, and his indomitable will. He even went after Soldier Boy with nothing but a gas canister and his bare hands, and he was ready to fight all the same.

M.M. is ridiculously brave, and it’s often to his detriment. The man may be good at hand-to-hand fighting, but supes can’t actually be taken down hand-to-hand blows from normal humans. They can all put him down with a single punch. M.M. needs to learn to be more careful, or he may have an early death like his father.

Usually Forgotten

As much as M.M. is an incredible character who fascinates fans, it should be acknowledged that he is only a secondary piece to the stories of Homelander, Butcher, Hughie, and Starlight. Because of that, he gets little screen time. Unfortunately, it often even means that other characters forget about him.

It isn’t difficult to imagine Kimiko overlooking Mother’s Milk dying. After all, the two never had any strong connection, and the Boys tend to be cruel to each other. So M.M. might be at Love Sausage’s mercy, and it’s not always guaranteed that his friends will save him.

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