10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Each Character’s Personality

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Each Character’s Personality

Succession fans have every reason to be excited after the recent release of the season 4 teaser trailer. In it, the cracks in the family are there to be seen, as the Roy siblings hatch a plan to take down their father. But none of that will be easy, as Logan is also heard declaring that no one is strong or smart enough to beat him.

Though the Logan versus the children battle has become somewhat repetitive, fans never seem to mind because of how intriguing the characters are. And this intrigue is all tied to their mannerisms, with which viewers have come to be very familiar. As such, some fans have created memes that perfectly sum up the characters’ personalities.


Kendall Roy

Throughout the show, Kendall does a number of outrageous things like rapping during a business event in order to try and please his father and throwing a tantrum whenever he learns he isn’t next in line to succeed. And the meme captures this about him brilliantly.

Most people, especially those in the business world care a great deal about perception. Image matters to them but for Kendall, embarrassment isn’t a word that bothers him much. No matter how many times he makes a fool of himself, viewers can always expect him to top that in a couple of episodes.

Connor Roy

For a long time, Connor, the son of Logan’s first wife, is hesitant to be a part of the family business. This makes him not only have a lower net worth than his siblings but also make plenty of bad financial decisions.

The meme specifically points to the incident when Connor’s girlfriend asks him to get her free beach sand for her stage play only for him to opt to buy construction sand at $529 per bag. Unfortunately for him, the attempt to flex his new financial muscles backfires since the sand ends up having plenty of mutes, making the audience at the play uncomfortable.

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Logan Roy

Whatever Kendall does to ascend to the Wayaster Rocyo throne, his dad Logan is always ready to stop him in his tracks. Logan does it so many times that it now seems like that’s his life mission.

Logan is unapologetically a tyrant who would rather be in charge forever than let any of his children ascend to the throne. Despite the fact that Kendall has proven himself as the most passionate about the family business, Logan never hesitates to do whatever he can to deny him opportunities. This also highlights his nature as a mean person who never cares who he hurts.

Marcia Roy

Logan’s current wife, Marcia, is just as tough as him. Unlike every other member of the Roy family, she never flinches whenever he tries to intimidate her.

As his partner, Marcia understands Logan better than anyone else. To her, his aggressive behavior is only an act meant to keep the family in order. Though that’s necessarily true, she believes that deep inside, he is a soft and caring person hence whenever he lashes out, she can always be expected to remain calm and wait for all of it to be over.

Roman Roy

Though he is interested in the family business, Roman always disappoints those around him by making mean remarks and shying away from responsibility. He has done plenty of inappropriate things too, notably sending penis pictures to someone who didn’t ask for them,

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Since most of Roman’s action’s always come by surprise, the meme is a perfect way to sum up his character. Describing him as a mass of blood and foam isn’t wrong either since Roman doesn’t do much other than just exist. There’s always the feeling that if he hadn’t been born into a rich family, Roman would have been a failure in life.

Tom Wambsgans

The meme compares the characters of Arrested Development to those of Succession. And among the descriptions, none is more accurate than that of Tom.

Though Tom is one of the smartest Succession characters, he is defined by his love for Shiv more than anything else, and it always makes him emotional since she hardly reciprocates. And even though he is always in the room during Roy family meetings, his contributions are always ignored. However, fans still love Tom, thanks to his quips and his amazing friendship with Greg.

Cousin Greg

A simple person, Greg doesn’t have a sense of style. Tom, therefore, takes it upon himself to teach him a few things as the show progresses.

The meme also underscores the fact that, as one of the weirdest Succession characters, Greg acts in a childish manner a lot of times. He lacks the alpha mannerisms of Logan and Tom and as such, he always cowers and speaks with hesitation. But despite these traits, audiences always find him relatable since there are more people out there like him than Logan or Tom.

Shiv Roy

Shiv is arguably the least romantic character on the show. However, she is a force to reckon with in the world of business, and the meme points out these strengths and weaknesses accurately.

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True to the meme, Shiv enjoys gaslighting Tom more than anything else. Whatever he complains about is always brushed aside by her. But when it comes to knowing what Wasytar Royco needs, none of the other siblings match Shiv. Time and time again, she proves herself as the best candidate to take over as CEO.

Ewan Roy

Though Greg’s grandfather, Ewan, doesn’t have some of the best quotes in Succession, he enjoys using plenty of jargon. This causes viewers to miss his point at times.

As an anti-capitalist and pro-environment, Ewan is as great a thinker as he is a researcher hence hearing him mention words such as “morally bankrupt” doesn’t come off as surprising. Still, the character would be better off if he discarded the jargon and used words that are common in everyday life.

Gerri Kellman

One of Succession‘s best side characters, Gerri always comes up with great ideas to help Wayster Royco move forward. While at it, she also spends a lot of time listening to Roman’s problems.

Often portrayed as immature, Roman never hesitated to rant or air out his feelings whenever something is bothering him. And while the rest of the characters find him annoying, Gerri is always more than willing to listen to him. As such, the two have become quite close.

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