10 Best Retail Store Apps That Are Actually Worth Downloading

10 Best Retail Store Apps That Are Actually Worth Downloading

It’s the holiday season once again, and love it or hate it, buying gifts for a lot of family and friends at this time of year calls for smart shopping tactics. Luckily, shopping for everyone on one’s list is easier and more convenient than ever thanks to the proliferation of excellent retail store apps.

The best store apps take the pain out of each step in the shopping process, from managing coupons to printing receipts and everything between. Those looking to shop with the cutting edge of tech should check out these apps from their favorite major stores.


Home Depot

For anyone with a home improvement project on their to-do list, the Home Depot app will be their best friend. Users can use the app to search for the items they want as Home Depot’s products are organized by categories like building materials and cleaning items.

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Users can also easily track their points if they have an account and are frequent shoppers. This makes saving money a breeze at Home Depot as the user always knows how close they are to a reward.

Best Buy

. Since electronics can be big purchases, the Best Buy app makes consumers’ lives much easier. Users can research products they like and look at reviews to see if it is worth the big purchase. They also have a feature called BlueAssist where users can speak directly to a Best Buy worker to ask any questions. Users might also find their Deals of the Day feature to be very handy, so they are up-to-date on all the latest deals. With Best Buy’s new Totaltech program, shoppers can add even more discounts and better product protection to the mix.

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target logo

With Target’s robust app, shoppers can find all the items the store has and buy them directly from the app, even if they are not currently available at their closest location. No more worrying about going to the store and not getting what you want.

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The app also carries a useful feature called Target Wallet that allows users can save their payment information. When they are about to check out in stores, all they need to do is scan their items. The app recognizes when the buyer is done and prints the receipt, so it makes shopping a breeze.


JC Penney logo

The J.C. Penney app does a good job of alerting the user when there are timely deals that will not last long. This is useful since buyers are not always on the app to see the current sales.

The app also boasts a cool feature called Snap to Shop. This allows the user to take a picture of an item in-store, and the app will tell the user about similar items that they might like.

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An image of the Walmart Logo

The Walmart app conveniently organizes the department store giant’s wide array of products, which makes the shopping experience easy and quick. Users can buy items right from the app and immediately go and pick them up.

Alternatively, if the user doesn’t feel like leaving their home to pick up their haul, they can get their Walmart items delivered. This is especially handy for things like food and groceries.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dicks sporting goods logo

There are many browser extensions that save consumers money, and the Dick’s app has a similar goal. One big draw of the Dick’s Sporting Goods app is the number of coupons the user can get if they download it.

The savings don’t end with the apps coupons, though. It also has a My Offers feature that sends the user different deals and discounts based on their previous purchases.


Nordstrom logo

The Nordstrom app ensures all of its users have a pleasant shopping experience. It has a feature where users can talk to professional stylists to ask them any questions and get opinions on their fashion choices.

The in-app stylist can also make recommendations to the user. The app also offers contactless curbside pickup, in case the user does not want to leave the comfort of their car.

foot locker logo

Any sneakerhead needs to download the Foot Locker app for one major reason: The app has a release calendar that neatly organizes all the different drops for new shoes. This helps keep the guesswork out of shoe shopping as users now know when all the big releases are.

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Users can now buy the shoes they really want, and they do not need to worry about something better they do not know about dropping right after since everything is on the calendar.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble logo

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest booksellers in the world, so it’s no surprise the Barnes & Noble app is great for buying e-books. No separate e-reader is necessary because the user can read their e-books directly in the app.

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The app is also handy for other items that Barnes & Noble sells, such as vinyl records. Users can even pair the app with Barnes & Noble’s other apps, like Nook and their cafรฉ app, to have full control of their Barnes & Noble experience


Macys Logo

Since Macy’s has a lot of different areas, it could be overwhelming to shop there. Conveniently, its app clearly labels and divides all the different departments it has into its own sections.

The app also has a useful feature whereby if a user is shopping in the store, they can run a price check in the app for an item in the store. The app also notifies the user about price drops, sales and exclusive deals.

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