Osaze Odemwingie Says 70% Of African Players Use Juju

Osaze Odemwingie, a former Super Eagles forward in a new interview said thatย 70% of African players use juju as he recounted a past experience.
ho was raised in Russia, recounted how he was taken to a shaman (native doctor) instead of a medical doctor after he sustained an injury on his hand. He went on to disclose that it is not a rare occurrence among his colleagues to use juju instead of a medical doctor.
He toldย Championat;;
โ€œJust at least 70% of players believe in it. They think that some kind of salve will save them. This is more suggestion. Brainwashing goes. But three years in Nigeria have been helpful to me. They called me to the big league, and there my career developed much faster.โ€

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