Nigerian Lady Reveals Her Boyfriend Was Gunned Down By Thugs During The #ENDSARS Protest

In the midst of the never-ending killings in Nigeria, a lady has taken to the microblogging platform, Twitter to reveal how some SARS thugs ended the life of her beloved boyfriend during the #ENDSARS protest.

Nigerian Lady Reveals Her Boyfriend Was Gunned Down Things are really going wayward in Nigeria at the moment with dead bodies spotted all over the streets as SARS officers continue to gun down peaceful #ENDSARS protestors in Nigeria.

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In a tweet, the lady posted that there was an emergency at St. Paul’s street Mafeloku Oshodi, revealing the demise of her boyfriend.

According to the description given by the lady, her deceased boyfriend who is yet to be identified was a very smart and shy person it was so sad to lose him to the #ENDSARS protest.

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